The Relay 2003 (199 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
120:53:582012 Angrier MenSMSan Anselmo, CA05:00 PM01:53 PM
221:14:4153Wednesday Night Laundry RunnersMMPebble Beach, CA05:00 PM02:14 PM
321:38:3346Altitude AdjustmentOMHighlands Ranch, CO05:00 PM02:38 PM
423:00:26227Menage A Douze UnSXCorte Madera, CA03:30 PM02:30 PM
523:05:1452New York HarriersOXNew York, NY03:00 PM02:05 PM
623:05:26115Whine To WaterSMWalnut Creek, CA05:00 PM04:05 PM
723:07:4996Blue LightningOMSan Jose, CA04:00 PM03:07 PM
823:09:2594Olympic Club [The Olympic Club]SMSan Francisco, CA04:00 PM03:09 PM
923:14:13206Watebury Warriors [San Luis Distance Club]MMSan Luis Obispo, CA05:00 PM04:14 PM
1023:23:44185Wednesday Night Laundry Runners 2OXSalinas, CA03:00 PM02:23 PM
1123:34:3288Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA03:00 PM02:34 PM
1223:35:45112Sf FrontrunnersOMSan Francisco, CA03:30 PM03:05 PM
1323:39:30193Yaks [Applied Biosystems]CMNovato, CA03:00 PM02:39 PM
1423:47:2826Moose Chasers/BAOCOMJackson, WY01:30 PM01:17 PM
1523:56:5054Run Free Or DieMMNashua, NH03:00 PM02:56 PM
1623:57:30134Stanford Robber BaronsOXSan Carlos, CA03:00 PM02:57 PM
1724:07:52209Lab Gerbils ReloadedOXPasadena, CA03:30 PM03:37 PM
1824:09:1936Billy B's Road SlugsOMStockton, CA02:30 PM02:39 PM
1924:09:43110West Valley Relay RunnersOMMorgan Hill, CA01:30 PM01:39 PM
2024:14:5570San Diego Road Trip WarriorsOXSan Diego, CA02:30 PM02:44 PM
2124:46:48192Chafed And ConfusedSXPiedmont, CA02:00 PM02:46 PM
2224:50:13226Menage A Douze DeuxMXCorte Madera, CA02:30 PM03:20 PM
2324:56:56136Hauna HarriersSMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM02:56 PM
2425:17:0239Cincinnati Flying Pigs [Mangat Plastic Surgery Centers]OMCincinnati, OH02:30 PM03:47 PM
2525:37:20182GarlockOXSan Anselmo, CA02:30 PM04:07 PM
2625:41:10267Left Coast Right CoastOMNew York, NY01:30 PM03:11 PM
2725:41:179224 Lost SolesSMMenlo Park, CA01:30 PM03:11 PM
2825:43:25124Galactic Acid [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM04:43 PM
2925:46:3448Fort Worth StarbuttsOXArlington, TX12:30 PM02:16 PM
3025:52:3091Cardinal Road Warriors [Stanford University ]OMOrinda, CA01:30 PM03:22 PM
3125:58:10135Gang Green [USEPA Region 9]CXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM02:58 PM
3225:59:44188Twelvet UndergroundSXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM12:29 PM
3326:02:4744Allegro Non TroppoOXNorth Highlands, CA02:00 PM04:02 PM
3426:03:25250Wild Geese [EnCana]CMBragg Creek, AB02:30 PM04:33 PM
3526:04:44246All For The NookieOXSanta Clara, CA01:30 PM03:34 PM
3626:08:4381Lifesavers [U.S. Coast Guard]PMPetaluma, CA09:30 AM11:38 AM
3726:11:2147Mojo UnitedMMChicago, IL02:00 PM04:11 PM
3826:13:5933Cactus WrensSWMesa, AZ01:30 PM03:43 PM
3926:14:4195Great Balls Of Fire [SF Fire Department]PMGlen Ellen, CA02:00 PM04:14 PM
4026:16:3680SabbaticalsOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM04:16 PM
4126:22:51260Cypress DominationOMSunnyvale, CA02:30 PM04:52 PM
4226:28:0172Lakeside LoafersSMEl Dorado Hills, CA12:00 PM02:28 PM
4326:28:56148SnotrocketOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:58 PM
4426:31:17131Shell Team Outta' Gas [Shell Oil Products US]CMMartinez, CA01:00 PM03:31 PM
4526:36:34208Colorado Peak To CoastSXColorado Springs, CO02:00 PM04:36 PM
4626:39:12165Mt. Vaca Ridge RunnersMXVacaville, CA02:30 PM05:09 PM
4726:41:31164Mission Peak Striders IiSMNewark, CA12:30 PM03:11 PM
4826:42:1658Nice AssetsOXPullman, WA01:00 PM03:42 PM
4926:42:275MisfitsSXsan jose, CA01:00 PM03:42 PM
5026:48:157NadsOXAptos, CA11:30 AM02:18 PM
5126:49:3961Sarong Party Girls And The Has Been KensOX Bainbridge Island, WA11:30 AM02:19 PM
5226:51:3087Sponge Bob No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA02:00 PM04:51 PM
5326:51:31127Easy Roadkill [Kaiser Electronics]CMsaratoga, CA09:30 AM12:21 PM
5426:52:22149Liver Polish 3OXBerkeley, CA12:00 PM02:52 PM
5526:52:42254Dave's Outdoor Running Club (dorc)OMMountain View, CA11:00 AM01:52 PM
5626:55:54111SlackersOMSanta Cruz, CA02:00 PM04:55 PM
5726:56:31104Triage Trakker's [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM02:26 PM
5826:57:40233Running Of The FoolsOMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM03:57 PM
5927:01:15261ParagonOMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM04:31 PM
6027:01:39100Dipsea ChicksSWMill Valley, CA01:30 PM04:31 PM
6127:11:50145Morning Thunder's Revenge!OMSan Jose, CA10:30 AM01:41 PM
6227:11:54167Blomasters (SFRRC 2)OWSausalito, CA01:30 PM04:41 PM
6327:14:2017Clif Boys [CLIF Bar, Inc]OMSan Diego, CA02:30 PM05:44 PM
6427:18:2549High Fiber Runners [Pacificare]CXLa Habra Heights, CA11:00 AM02:18 PM
6527:20:44248Napa Running Company [Health Quest Fitness Center]OWNapa, CA01:30 PM04:50 PM
6627:21:12179Webebop [Webebop]OXBerkeley, CA01:00 PM04:21 PM
6727:23:3241Beauties And The BeastsMMPotomac, MD12:30 PM03:53 PM
6827:25:30265Febreezle 4 ShizzleOXChatsworth, CA11:30 AM02:55 PM
6927:25:3822NightcrawlersSMbend, OR12:30 PM03:55 PM
7027:26:5919Golden GateOMNovato, CA12:30 PM03:56 PM
7127:27:0267Hoosier MamaOMIndianapolis, IN11:00 AM02:27 PM
7227:29:0735Full Moon FeverSXBend, OR10:30 AM01:59 PM
7327:30:31201Women On The Run - Cruisin PoodlesOWSan Jose, CA10:00 AM01:30 PM
7427:31:3624Big Green [Granite Construction Company - Nevada]CMReno, NV11:00 AM02:31 PM
7527:31:3840Brews 'n' ShoesOXValencia, CA12:30 PM04:01 PM
7627:38:05107Flying HubcapsOMOakland, CA12:00 PM03:38 PM
7727:40:55105Triage - T3 [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:10 PM
7827:42:02144Barking Spiders Strike Again!OMSan Jose, CA10:30 AM02:12 PM
7927:45:4689Flatlanders [Damrak Gin]OMMenlo Park, CA01:00 PM04:45 PM
8027:48:16258Peets Feet [Kiewit Pacific Co.]OMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM12:48 PM
8127:49:44223Monoathletes For A Day [SF Tri Club]OXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:49 PM
8227:50:41103Triage - One [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:20 PM
8327:51:36128Roadkill - Flatout [Rockwell Collins]OMSanta Clara, CA09:30 AM01:21 PM
8427:54:5655Genesis [Crosstrainers]OMRoseville, CA11:30 AM03:24 PM
8527:56:49163TricitytriclubOMFremont, CA12:30 PM04:26 PM
8628:01:12230Null Point [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM12:31 PM
8728:01:5023BicoastalOMChevy Chase, MD01:30 PM05:31 PM
8828:04:19147Shaken But Not StirredOXRoss, CA10:30 AM02:34 PM
8928:04:50228Sofa KingsOMGreenbrae, CA11:00 AM03:04 PM
9028:05:56138Chasing The MilkdudOXBerkeley, CA01:00 PM05:05 PM
9128:07:081396 In One; Half Dozen In The OtherOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:07 PM
9228:08:06186Contra Costa Fire [Contra costa county fire]PMMartinez, CA01:00 PM05:08 PM
9328:08:499Superjazz! [Providian Financial]OMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM02:08 PM
9428:09:57150Blue ThunderOMMorgan Hill, CA11:30 AM03:39 PM
9528:11:02194Double DinnersOMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM11:41 AM
9628:14:10187Taylor's Angels [Active Care]OMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:14 PM
9728:14:4512912 Sticky Irons [Wave7]OXLos Altos, CA10:30 AM02:44 PM
9828:15:0286Earl Dropped OutOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM12:15 PM
9928:15:5277Baylands FrontrunnersOMMountain View, CA01:30 PM05:45 PM
10028:17:48160Yo MommaOMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:17 PM
10128:18:5090Walt Stack's Wild Women [DSE Running Club]MWPacifica, CA12:00 PM04:18 PM
10228:19:21154Burnin' Down The House 2OXberkeley, CA08:00 AM12:19 PM
10328:20:0042Slo PokesOXSan Luis Obispo, CA09:00 AM01:20 PM
10428:20:056924 Shaved LegsOWArroyo Grande, CA01:30 PM05:50 PM
10528:20:2659Oregonians Seeking SunSMPortland, OR01:30 PM05:50 PM
10628:20:5214High Voltage [Providian Financial]CMSan Leandro, CA10:00 AM02:20 PM
10728:21:58195Dips [Lighten Up For Life]OMRedwood City, CA09:30 AM01:51 PM
10828:22:2212Running For Governor [Providian]OMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM02:22 PM
10928:22:40177RunnoftOXRedwood City, CA08:00 AM12:22 PM
11028:23:15253Run To DrinkOMHillsborough, CA02:30 PM06:53 PM
11128:24:17216Stevens Creek StridersOMPleansanton, CA02:30 PM06:54 PM
11228:26:35168Duct Tape & WD [Santa Clara Fire Department]PMSan Mateo, CA10:30 AM02:56 PM
11328:27:5832Phi OneOMPortland, OR02:00 PM06:27 PM
11428:29:00155Michelle's Dirty DozenOMSanta Cruz, CA11:30 AM03:59 PM
11528:29:4999Drink Or Leave [Fat Men Galloping]SMPleasant Hill, CA12:30 PM04:59 PM
11628:30:2518Some Hares, Mostly TortoisesOXFolsom, CA12:30 PM05:00 PM
11728:31:58125Fianna FeetOMSunnyvale, CA10:00 AM02:31 PM
11828:32:2278Afara WayOMLos Gatos, CA12:00 PM04:32 PM
11928:32:22106Faster Than SnailsOMRedwood City, CA12:00 PM04:32 PM
12028:32:37117Mission Peak Striders I [Mission Peak Striders]OMFremont, CA12:30 PM05:02 PM
12128:35:1430Big RedOWWashington, DC01:30 PM06:05 PM
12228:35:16130Red Hot RunnersSXCupertino, CA09:00 AM01:35 PM
12328:35:4979Olympian Long Distance Fathers Athletic Relay TeamSMLos Gatos, CA12:00 PM04:35 PM
12428:35:49215Hot Dogs and Buns [Fitness Quest]OMLos Gatos, CA10:00 AM02:35 PM
12528:36:09123If The Van Is A Rockin', Don't Come A Knockin'OXMountain View, CA08:00 AM12:36 PM
12628:36:13122Unusual SuspectsOMSanta Rosa, CA12:00 PM04:36 PM
12728:38:57224Focker's WalkersOMLos Gatos, CA12:30 PM05:08 PM
12828:39:338Bike Brigade [HP]CXSan Jose, CA10:30 AM03:09 PM
12928:41:55204Wolf Pack [US Air Force]PMIrvine, CA10:30 AM03:11 PM
13028:43:50137Claremont [Claremont Resort & Spa]OXWalnut Creek, CA01:00 PM05:43 PM
13128:47:1584DogsOXPleasant Hill, CA09:00 AM01:47 PM
13228:48:18244Relay This! [YMCA of San Francisco]OXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:18 PM
13328:48:34161Redpoint RunnersOMPacifica, CA10:00 AM02:48 PM
13428:49:271Organs 'R' UsOMMenlo Park, CA01:30 PM06:19 PM
13528:51:03203TrottersOMTahoe City, CA01:00 PM05:51 PM
13628:57:2062Exodus [VS Crosstrainers]OXRoseville, CA11:30 AM04:27 PM
13728:57:33225Axis Trainers [Axis Performance Center]OMMountain View, CA09:00 AM01:57 PM
13828:58:2626212 Monkeys [Cooley Godward LLP]CMMountain View, CA12:30 PM05:28 PM
13928:59:21173Painful Case Of The Runs [Trivascular]CMSanta Rosa, CA08:00 AM12:59 PM
14029:07:28207Beach BoundSMSacramento, CA09:30 AM02:37 PM
14129:09:4429Green Machine [Granite Construction Co]SMWatsonville, CA11:00 AM04:09 PM
14229:12:49113Continental DriftersOMOrinda, CA10:30 AM03:42 PM
14329:20:16222Fired Up First TimersOXNapa, CA09:30 AM02:50 PM
14429:20:38221Love To TriOMEl Sobrante, CA11:30 AM04:50 PM
14529:20:55234Jamaican Bobsled Team [Genencor International, Inc.]CMPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM01:50 PM
14629:22:27249Speed Kills - We're SafeOMDanville,, CA11:30 AM04:52 PM
14729:23:2619011 Friends Of A Guy Named DavidOXPalo Alto, CA11:30 AM04:53 PM
14829:25:18151Naughty KittiesOXMill Valley, CA11:00 AM04:25 PM
14929:27:57114Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM02:27 PM
15029:28:17219Sweaty SleepoverOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:28 PM
15129:29:02121Dashing DivasOWSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM02:29 PM
15229:29:2438Big Ditch 12-packSMArroyo Grande, CA08:30 AM01:59 PM
15329:32:36172KenyansOMSan Mateo, CA10:30 AM04:02 PM
15429:35:281086 Minds [Hash House Harriers]OXWoodside, CA11:30 AM05:05 PM
15529:35:43176Beachbound 12 PackOMPetaluma, CA09:30 AM03:05 PM
15629:36:00120Buff Babes And Bad BoysOMSoquel, CA12:00 PM05:36 PM
15729:37:33264Fat BastardsOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM02:37 PM
15829:38:1643Folsom Dam Road Runners [City of Folsom Employees]SXFolsom, CA10:30 AM04:08 PM
15929:41:121612 Runners, 1 Bad Idea (team Arco) [ARCO]CMLa Palma, CA09:00 AM02:41 PM
16029:43:28119Hauling AsphaltOXSan Ramon, CA10:00 AM03:43 PM
16129:45:17162StragglersOXSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM02:15 PM
16229:47:27238Cruising AlongOMSan Jose, CA11:00 AM04:47 PM
16329:47:4128Bob (boardwalk Or Bust) [Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk]CXSanta Cruz, CA12:30 PM06:17 PM
16429:48:43116Lost RunnersOMMill Valley, CA11:00 AM04:48 PM
16529:49:3331Mixed BagOMPortland, OR10:30 AM04:19 PM
16629:52:37252Touro Medical StudentsOXVallejo, CA10:00 AM03:52 PM
16730:04:28153Bus Would Be FasterOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM06:34 PM
16830:05:14205Cloned'n'confused [Invitrogen]OXCarlsbad, CA12:00 PM06:05 PM
16930:05:38181Annie And Catie's CopsOMFairfield, CA07:30 AM01:35 PM
17030:06:0024511 Spines Inline - 1 SubluxatedSMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:36 PM
17130:09:1557Slow Runners Keep RightOXDavis, CA08:30 AM02:39 PM
17230:11:00140Go Speed RacerOXFremont, CA11:30 AM05:41 PM
17330:11:1025Random HabitsOMLaguna Beach, CA09:00 AM03:11 PM
17430:11:35242Blue Man CrewOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM07:11 PM
17530:12:1121Llllookin' Good [Onyx Software]OXKirkland, WA12:00 PM06:12 PM
17630:14:1014311 Bears And A TreeOXBerkeley, CA09:30 AM03:44 PM
17730:15:53200Wha Happened?OXOakland, CA09:30 AM03:45 PM
17830:17:18132Going NutsOXSausalito, CA09:30 AM03:47 PM
17930:18:4215Fossil Fueled (team Arco) [ARCO]CMAlta Loma, CA09:00 AM03:18 PM
18030:19:2193WebtlSMBenicia, CA09:00 AM03:19 PM
18130:21:0973Still Looking For A NameOXFlower Mound, TX08:30 AM02:51 PM
18230:21:11189Special SauceOXCampbell, CA09:30 AM03:51 PM
18330:21:23257Dominant Diploids [Celera Diagnostics]CMAlameda, CA08:30 AM02:51 PM
18430:25:18266Organ-ize The Planet [Harsch Investment]OMLivermore, CA07:00 AM01:25 PM
18530:25:18235Hot Mamas For Big DaveOWSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM01:25 PM
18630:25:474Are We There Yet?OMSan Carlos, CA09:30 AM03:55 PM
18730:27:2585Sims Metal Scrappers [SIMS METAL]SXSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:57 PM
18830:28:2010Cruz Control [Providian Financial]CMdallas, TX10:00 AM04:28 PM
18930:29:41166San Francisco Road Runners 1OMMenifee, CA08:30 AM02:59 PM
19030:31:54220Dude, Where's My Van?OXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:31 PM
19130:32:30202Women On The Run - Bad KittiesMWSanta Clara, CA08:00 AM02:32 PM
19230:33:1271Tnt AlumniOXManteca, CA09:30 AM04:03 PM
19330:34:54214FeetlooseOXSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM03:04 PM
19430:39:02231Uncle Ernie's Kids [Ernst and Young]OMSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM02:39 PM
19530:46:02199Running With ScissorsOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM04:46 PM
19630:48:57101Victory Lap Flamingoes 1 [U.S. Bank]OXPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM05:48 PM
19730:48:57102Victory Lap Flamingoes 2 [U.S. Bank]OXPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM05:48 PM
19830:54:243Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:00 AM02:54 PM
19930:55:4051Chips And DipsOMSacramento, CA11:00 AM05:55 PM
20030:58:02156Aromatic BlendOMtiburon, CA08:00 AM02:58 PM
20130:58:48133Organomically Correct [Life is Good]OXPismo Beach, CA10:30 AM05:28 PM
20231:00:05198Short Shorts Drive Us NutsOXWalnut Creek, CA08:30 AM03:30 PM
20331:00:29211Running With The DevilOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM05:00 PM
20431:01:37255Fitnessmoves Running Team [Fitnessmoves]OMVallejo, CA10:30 AM05:31 PM
20531:03:35152Running AmuckOMSan Jose, CA10:00 AM05:03 PM
20631:03:43126Club Dave [dr david cain]MXSonoma, CA07:30 AM02:33 PM
20731:05:0813Street Jets [Providian]OMPleasanton, CA10:00 AM05:05 PM
20831:06:4276Moto MagashiOWPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM06:06 PM
20931:06:49212Gag Runners [Applied Biosystems]CMAlameda, CA08:30 AM03:36 PM
21031:14:3923924 Feet And No SleepOXWalnut Creek, CA08:00 AM03:14 PM
21131:19:5127Arrogant Bastards [FAA - Cleveland Center]CMMedina, OH10:30 AM05:49 PM
21231:26:22184Runners For Organ Recyling (r.o.a.r.)OXSanta Clara, CA08:30 AM03:56 PM
21331:29:3198Run Forest RunOXRedwood City, CA08:00 AM03:29 PM
21431:32:40174Flour Children [Hash House Harriers]SXFelton, CA08:30 AM04:02 PM
21531:35:18178Beer HereOXPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM06:35 PM
21631:36:32217Midnight Owls [US Air Force]PMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM03:36 PM
21731:45:3566Hell's AnklesOXDavis, CA09:30 AM05:15 PM
21831:48:1511Runner's Delight [Providian]CXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM05:48 PM
21931:48:17158Wine To Wharf WrunnersOMBen Lomond, CA07:00 AM02:48 PM
22031:49:45171Out Of Gas [Pacific Gas & Electric]CXSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM02:49 PM
22131:50:12183Babes In The WoodsSWSanta Cruz, CA07:30 AM03:20 PM
22231:51:10157Neopost Running Nuts [Neopost, Inc.]OMHayward, CA08:00 AM03:51 PM
22331:51:1483Andersen BarbariansOMCorvallis, OR09:30 AM05:21 PM
22431:57:27142Pavement Pushers BOMFoster City, CA07:00 AM02:57 PM
22531:59:08109Drug RunnersOMSanta Cruz, CA09:30 AM05:29 PM
22632:01:31170No Whining [Presbyterian Church in Chinatown]OMHayward, CA10:30 AM06:31 PM
22732:02:0982Poindexters [Silicon Valley Bank]OXSanta Clara, CA08:30 AM12:00 AM
22832:07:20210Ghost RunnersOMNorth Hollywood, CA07:00 AM03:07 PM
22932:22:29218Luftbuffoons [team in training]OXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM06:22 PM
23032:28:34146Numerous Aging Shufflers ApproachingSXNewark, CA07:30 AM03:58 PM
23132:30:3168Gotham GluttonsOMNew York, NY07:30 AM04:00 PM
23232:31:59191Fat Boys [Hands On Chiropractic/WestMed Training]OMPleasanton, CA08:00 AM04:31 PM
23332:33:05159Northwestern Mutual [Northwestern Mutual]CXCampbell, CA08:00 AM04:33 PM
23432:33:12247Scooby GangOXHercules, CA07:00 AM03:33 PM
23532:42:30180Smac Me SallyOMMill Valley, CA09:00 AM05:42 PM
23632:43:08237Running Rock Stars Of 20sOXSunnyvale, CA07:00 AM03:43 PM
23732:43:44251Touro Medical SchoolOXVallejo, CA08:00 AM04:43 PM
23832:45:4865Uncommon ThreadsOMSan Clemente, CA10:30 AM07:15 PM
23932:52:5475Speed KillsOXNewark, CA07:30 AM04:22 PM
24033:00:07118AmadorOXLivermore, CA10:00 AM07:00 PM
24133:04:3097Second To LastOXHillsborough, CA07:00 AM04:04 PM
24233:06:5450Babes In The VinesSWReno, NV09:30 AM06:36 PM
24333:09:25169Will Run For CoffeeOMCampbell, CA07:30 AM04:39 PM
24433:29:39259DFL [Hash House Harriers]OXFremont, CA07:30 AM04:59 PM
24533:39:035612 Drivers, 1 RunnerOXGrass Valley, CA07:00 AM04:39 PM
24633:40:48243Mice On A Trampoline [Fairfield Firefighters]PMWinters, CA07:30 AM05:10 PM
24733:41:5074Hoseman's OrgansOMAcampo, CA07:30 AM05:11 PM
24833:48:42197Fins [Sharkies, Energy Fruit Chews]OXFelton, CA08:00 AM05:48 PM
24939:04:114512 Determined DamesSWCarlsbad, CA07:00 AM10:04 PM