The Relay 2005 (199 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
120:53:3622Wednesday Night Laundry Runners Masters AMMSalinas, CA04:00 PM12:53 PM
221:28:14221Olympic Club Podium Crashers [The Olympic Club]OMSan Francisco, CA04:00 PM01:28 PM
321:53:06173Where Is Garlock?OXSan Anselmo, CA04:00 PM01:53 PM
422:21:0572Stonemill StreakersOXPittsburgh, PA04:00 PM02:21 PM
522:29:1221Wednesday Night Laundry Runners Polley's FolliesSMPebble Beach, CA04:00 PM02:29 PM
622:38:5092A Bit Faster Foo [Fleet Feet Racing]OMForest Ranch, CA04:00 PM02:38 PM
722:42:082486 ManOMMountain View, CA02:00 PM12:42 PM
822:49:4526Blue Lightning [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA04:00 PM02:49 PM
923:01:04152Bay Area Orienteering Club [BAOC]SMSan Jose, CA04:00 PM03:01 PM
1023:12:19209Military Relay Squad [Defense Language Institute]PMMonterey, CA03:30 PM02:42 PM
1123:22:41171Fast And Loose [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan francisco, CA02:30 PM01:52 PM
1223:45:2280Drink Or LeaveSMBlacksburg, VA03:00 PM02:45 PM
1323:55:47121Wind River Dry HeaversMMPiedmont, CA03:30 PM03:25 PM
1423:56:31238Get There [Affinity Engines]OMMountain View, CA03:30 PM03:26 PM
1524:11:10188Darrel No MoreOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM01:11 PM
1624:18:0223Yaks [Applied Biosystems]CMNovato, CA01:00 PM01:18 PM
1724:23:33119Po' Monkeys With Inverted Claws [Cypress Semiconductor]CMLucas, TX03:00 PM03:23 PM
1824:26:3334Whatever It TakesOMChapel Hill, NC03:00 PM03:26 PM
1924:35:0038Arizona Road KillSMGilbert, AZ02:30 PM03:05 PM
2024:41:2247Mit Ashdown House HarriersOMPhiladelphia, PA03:30 PM04:11 PM
2124:45:2535Taco FrijolesOMPortland, OR02:00 PM02:45 PM
2224:45:58148Hauna HarriersSMSan Francisco, CA02:30 PM03:15 PM
2324:52:5136Billy B's Road SlugsOMStockton, CA03:30 PM04:22 PM
2425:00:00163Tri It SloOMSan Luis Obispo, CA03:30 PM04:30 PM
2525:02:22210Nps Road Warriors [Naval Postgraduate School]PMMonterey, CA03:30 PM04:32 PM
2625:04:2148Big Ditch 12-packOMArroyo Grande, CA11:30 AM12:34 PM
2725:05:0066Justice LeagueOMWashintgon, DC03:30 PM04:35 PM
2825:06:40211Tri Curious [Forward Motion Race Club]OXDanville, CA03:30 PM04:36 PM
2925:07:4088Jungle Love [Honey Stingers]OXHighland Park, IL12:30 PM01:37 PM
3025:10:02137Brown Out [Kaiser Electronics]CMSaratoga, CA12:00 PM01:10 PM
3125:11:5751Carpe Gluteus [Sacramento Frontrunners]OMSacramento, CA03:00 PM04:11 PM
3225:28:2928Dipsea ChicksOWMill Valley, CA01:30 PM02:58 PM
3325:28:47177Dse Runners [DSE Running Club]OMSausalito, CA03:30 PM04:58 PM
3425:47:18191Dunner's DisciplesOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM03:47 PM
3525:48:4729Cactus WrensSWScottsdale, AZ01:30 PM03:18 PM
3625:53:5646On Call And Up All NightSXPoulsbo, WA03:00 PM04:53 PM [PacWest Athletics]OXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM02:58 PM
3825:58:3623212 Monkeys [Cooley Godward LLP]CMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM03:58 PM
3926:02:24201Crazy Relayin' Mo-fo's [Forward Motion Race Club]OMSan Ramon, CA02:30 PM04:32 PM
4026:03:00185Thunder Chickens [Fresh Ideas]OMLos Gatos, CA12:30 PM02:33 PM
4126:05:07164Red Hot RunnersSXCupertino, CA12:00 PM02:05 PM
4226:05:23122Catie And Annies Cops 3OMConcord, CA11:00 AM01:05 PM
4326:08:54139Contra Costa Fire Young [Contra Costa Fire]PMMartinez, CA01:30 PM03:38 PM
4426:09:03203SnotrocketOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM04:09 PM
4526:20:05227Pacwest Athletics [PacWest Athletics]OXSan Francisco, CA02:30 PM04:50 PM
4626:21:15165RunnoftOMRedwood City, CA11:00 AM01:21 PM
4726:21:55189Yo MommaOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM03:21 PM
4826:24:15140Stay Tuff Barbie 1MXVacaville, CA03:00 PM05:24 PM
4926:27:2063Mojo UnitedMMChicago, IL11:30 AM01:57 PM
5026:27:4377Holier Than CowOXSun Prairie, WI02:30 PM04:57 PM
5126:31:52127Lifesavers [U.S. Coast Guard]PMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM04:01 PM
5226:32:5537Broken George [Children's Hospital Central California]OMFresno, CA10:00 AM12:32 PM
5326:36:30222Olympic Club Sag Wagon [The Olympic Club]SMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM03:36 PM
5426:40:50176Dse Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MXPacifica, CA11:30 AM02:10 PM
5526:42:16141Stay Tuff Barbie 2SXTroutdale, OR02:30 PM05:12 PM
5626:47:15154BlomastersOWOakland, CA01:30 PM04:17 PM
5726:47:44144SuperfeetOXChatsworth, CA10:00 AM12:47 PM
5826:47:44218Superfeet2OXChatsworth, CA10:00 AM12:47 PM
5926:48:10138Contra Costa Fire Old Dogs [Contra Costa Fire]PMClayton, CA01:30 PM04:18 PM
6026:48:56115WebebopOMBerkeley, CA01:00 PM03:48 PM
6126:50:09113Bi-coastal Bi-genderitesSXSanta Cruz, CA12:00 PM02:50 PM
6226:50:1389Van 2 Is The Stinky VanOMRoseville, CA10:30 AM01:20 PM
6326:51:12118Tiger Terror TroopOXPalo Alto, CA01:30 PM04:21 PM
6426:53:4273Bada BingOXBainbridge Island, WA12:30 PM03:23 PM
6526:55:58133Lost RunnersOMMill Valley, CA01:30 PM04:25 PM
6626:56:20250Need For Speed [Electronic Arts]CMRedwood City, CA12:00 PM02:56 PM
6726:57:2494Northern Beasts And Beavers [EnCana Corporation]CMBragg Creek, AB02:30 PM05:27 PM
6826:58:4154Texas StarbuttsSXArlington, TX01:30 PM04:28 PM
6926:59:38156Donor PartySMMoraga, CA12:00 PM02:59 PM
7027:02:3457Blessed Union Of Soles [USAirways/Delta Airlines]SMApex, NC02:00 PM05:02 PM
7127:03:2887PlumtreeOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM05:03 PM
7227:05:53245Peet's Feet [Kiewit Pacific Co.]OMMartinez, CA01:00 PM04:05 PM
7327:08:33179Sponge Bob, No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA12:30 PM03:38 PM
7427:08:40143Bacon To BaconOXBerkeley, CA11:30 AM02:38 PM
7527:09:4743People's Elbow [PacifiCare of California]CMTorrance, CA11:00 AM02:09 PM
7627:10:32130Mission Peak Striders I [Mission Peak Striders]SXFremont, CA01:30 PM04:40 PM
7727:12:17240KFM Team Skyway [Kiewit/ FCI/ Manson, A JV]OMOakland, CA02:00 PM05:12 PM
7827:12:353124 Kansas City LegsOXKansas City, MO02:30 PM05:42 PM
7927:13:21204Unusual SuspectsOMSanta Rosa, CA11:00 AM02:13 PM
8027:13:29160Saint Mary's Gaelwinds [Saint Mary's College]OMOrinda, CA12:00 PM03:13 PM
8127:17:00175Shell Team Outta' Gas [Shell Oil Products US]CMMartinez, CA01:00 PM04:17 PM
8227:17:025Misfits XIOMLafayette, CA10:00 AM01:17 PM
8327:22:087NadsSXAptos, CA01:00 PM04:22 PM
8427:22:4593Valley City GangOXstockton, CA02:00 PM05:22 PM
8527:23:15146Beach, Wine Or Both!SMDavis, CA02:30 PM05:53 PM
8627:25:04183Flying HubcapsOMOakland, CA01:30 PM04:55 PM
8727:25:09223Olympic Club Winged O Women [The Olympic Club]OWSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM03:55 PM
8827:26:2433Poultry In MotionOMNew York, NY02:30 PM05:56 PM
8927:27:05199Seeing SpidersOMMenlo Park, CA11:30 AM02:57 PM
9027:27:09202Yo... Taxi [Applied Materials]CMFremont, CA12:30 PM03:57 PM
9127:28:4932Quinn's EskimosSMLos Angeles, CA01:30 PM04:58 PM
9227:31:0962Pulling A Fast OneOMMorristown, NJ10:30 AM02:01 PM
9327:33:4568Touch My MonkeySXSan Luis Obispo, CA11:00 AM02:33 PM
9427:39:009Organ-ize The PlanetOXLivermore, CA10:30 AM02:09 PM
9527:40:37217Contra Costa Fire Ground Poundn' FoolsPMVacaville, CA01:30 PM05:10 PM
9627:41:4899TwinkieOMBoulder, CO11:30 AM03:11 PM
9727:43:2727Blue Lightning Too [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM04:13 PM
9827:48:53147Neverland RanchersOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:48 PM
9927:50:48151R-o-u-s'sOMSan Jose, CA10:00 AM01:50 PM
10027:53:23111Triage Sf [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:53 PM
10127:55:18120SlackersOMCarlsbad, CA03:00 PM06:55 PM
10227:56:25226Bay Area Boys & SacratomatoesOMSacramento, CA11:00 AM02:56 PM
10328:04:02198Los Nadadores De TampicoOXSanta Cruz, CA09:30 AM01:34 PM
10428:06:23109Triage Atl [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:06 PM
10528:08:5178Dry HeavesOXSan Diego, CA12:30 PM04:38 PM
10628:10:02150Gang Green [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:40 PM
10728:11:40220Do You Ya Who?! [Yahoo!]OMSunnyvale, CA12:30 PM04:41 PM
10828:11:59239Napa Whiners Are BackSMSaint Helena, CA11:00 AM03:11 PM
10928:14:14102Olympian Long Distance Fathers Athletic Relay TeamMMLos Gatos, CA12:00 PM04:14 PM
11028:14:14192Desperately Seeking Santa CruzSMTurlock, CA12:30 PM04:44 PM
11128:19:4085Oc Pain TrainOMDana Point, CA01:00 PM05:19 PM
11228:19:40233Agile Physical Therapy [Agile Physical Therapy ]CMPalo Alto, CA12:00 PM04:19 PM
11328:22:4961El Dorado Hills RunnersOMEl Dorado Hills, CA08:00 AM12:22 PM
11428:24:40129Bigender By Baylands [Baylands FrontRunners]SXPortola Valley, CA11:30 AM03:54 PM
11528:24:5813Sims Metal Scrappers [SIMS METAL]SMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM01:24 PM
11628:25:40212Booze To CruzOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:25 PM
11728:25:43125Dips [CFHWM]CMRedwood City, CA10:00 AM02:25 PM
11828:26:16200Barking SpidersOMPleasanton, CA12:30 PM04:56 PM
11928:27:4491Fast Foo [Fleet Feet Racing]OMSacramento, CA02:00 PM06:27 PM
12028:28:341Organs R Us [ORGANS R US]OMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM04:58 PM
12128:31:03136Roadkill Flatout - 6 Pack (6 Runner Team)CMSanta Clara, CA10:00 AM02:31 PM
12228:31:2167Boston StragglersOMSouth Boston, MA11:00 AM03:31 PM
12328:31:37155Wave 7 RunnersOXBurlingame, CA12:00 PM04:31 PM
12428:33:02128Duct Tape & WD [VIA, Rehabilitation]PMSan Mateo, CA12:30 PM05:03 PM
12528:35:05174Road RagersOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM02:35 PM
12628:36:4624Great Balls Of Fire [San Francisco Fire Dept]PMGlen Ellen, CA01:30 PM06:06 PM
12728:37:51237Blue Man CrewOXCampbell, CA12:00 PM04:37 PM
12828:39:1925Green Machine [Granite Construction Co]OMWatsonville, CA11:00 AM03:39 PM
12928:40:44230GumpsOMorinda, CA09:30 AM02:10 PM
13028:43:07225Moon Over My HammiesOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:43 PM
13128:43:15178Episode Vii: Rise Of Darth PheetOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:43 PM
13228:44:46159Asleep At The HeelOMScotts Valley, CA01:00 PM05:44 PM
13328:45:19184DogsOXWalnut Creek, CA09:30 AM02:15 PM
13428:48:52197FugaOXSanta Cruz, CA11:30 AM04:18 PM
13528:50:2914Used Parts, Like NewSMSaratoga, CA09:30 AM02:20 PM
13628:54:05108Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM01:24 PM
13729:01:1397Ghost Runner's RevengeOMChicago, IL10:00 AM03:01 PM
13829:01:33172Slow And Tight [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM03:31 PM
13929:02:2239Running On EmptyOMBloomington, MN12:00 PM05:02 PM
14029:03:28149Hot And BotheredOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM02:33 PM
14129:04:07194Spearmint RhinosOMlos gatos, CA09:30 AM02:34 PM
14229:06:12229Fokker's WalkersOMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM01:06 PM
14329:08:20105Baby FatOXPalo Alto, CA10:00 AM03:08 PM
14429:08:5995Deceptively SlowOMPortland, OR11:00 AM04:08 PM
14529:10:2910Drug Runners [Scios]OMFremont, CA08:30 AM01:40 PM
14629:11:15216Peg Legs [Genencor International]CMPalo Alto, CA09:00 AM02:11 PM
14729:11:2058Nice AssetsOXNew York, NY12:00 PM05:11 PM
14829:12:561076 Minds [Hash House Harriers]OXWoodside, CA10:30 AM03:42 PM
14929:17:0898Cloned N' Confused [Invitrogen]CMDel Mar, CA11:30 AM04:47 PM
15029:18:2771Just Running With My FriendsMXVictoria, BC09:00 AM02:18 PM
15129:19:36246Run Deloitte Run [Deloitte]CMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM12:19 PM
15229:21:0324111 Spines Inline One Way OutOMCampbell, CA08:30 AM01:51 PM
15329:21:2981Taxi!OXCupertino, CA11:00 AM04:21 PM
15429:24:33145Ok, Where's Rick ?SMDanville, CA10:30 AM03:54 PM
15529:32:4464Powered By ProduceOXYakima, WA11:30 AM05:02 PM
15629:32:53236Next Stop 199 MilesOMFremont, CA10:30 AM04:02 PM
15729:33:05166Dominant Diploids [Celera Diagnostics]OMAlameda, CA09:00 AM02:33 PM
15829:33:10186Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa CruzOMPetaluma, CA09:30 AM03:03 PM
15929:35:1956Homestar RunnersOXSan Luis Obispo, CA01:00 PM06:35 PM
16029:36:0052Runners AnonymousOMRoseburg, OR11:30 AM05:06 PM
16129:40:00106Tortoises And The Hares (t&h)OXAlbany, CA10:30 AM04:10 PM
16229:43:12124Puma Pandemonium PosseOXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM04:13 PM
16329:51:24101Fedex [FedEx]CXVallejo, CA09:00 AM02:51 PM
16429:52:2911Drug Runners Too [Scios]OXFremont, CA09:30 AM03:22 PM
16529:57:27231Tripac [PacWest Athletics]OXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:27 PM
16629:57:32132Club DaveSXSonoma, CA09:00 AM02:57 PM
16729:58:05131Bit Brigade Ii [Komag, Inc.]OMSunnyvale, CA09:00 AM02:58 PM
16829:58:53207Running AmuckOXBerkeley, CA08:30 AM02:28 PM
16930:00:4165Flotsam And JetsamOMVirginia Beach, VA11:30 AM05:30 PM
17030:02:0353Chips And DipsOMSacramento, CA10:00 AM04:02 PM
17130:05:53162EscargotOXSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM01:05 PM
17230:09:4990Shaolin RunnersOMRedlands, CA10:30 AM04:39 PM
17330:11:5296BlisterOMSelma, CA01:00 PM07:11 PM
17430:19:234Are We There YetOMSan Carlos, CA10:00 AM04:19 PM
17530:21:45215Purple DynamiteOMSan Jose, CA11:30 AM05:51 PM
17630:23:1341Andy's AngelsOXArlington, VA11:30 AM05:53 PM
17730:23:21234Pacemakers [St. Jude Medical]OMSanta Clara, CA09:00 AM03:23 PM
17830:29:30135Agony Of Defeet [Seyfarth Shaw LLP]CMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:29 PM
17930:29:50157Wine To Wharf WrunnersOMBen Lomond, CA07:30 AM01:59 PM
18030:31:05169Xdxpress [XDx]CMS. San Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:01 PM
18130:31:1184Young Dogs [GMACCM]CMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:01 PM
18230:32:57114Webtl [wannabe runners club]OMBenicia, CA10:00 AM04:32 PM
18330:38:2170Dc StreetsSXWashington, DC09:30 AM04:08 PM
18430:40:0069Faster Than Snails [Medical Murray]OMHawthorn Woods, IL08:00 AM02:40 PM
18530:41:45161Funner RunnersOXMountain View, CA09:00 AM03:41 PM
18630:42:44112Dirty Stinky DozenOMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM03:42 PM
18730:45:10190Squirrel ShartinisOXBerkeley, CA10:00 AM04:45 PM
18830:47:2876Sac It UpOXElk Grove, CA07:30 AM02:17 PM
18930:52:57235Running Amuck Year 4OXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM02:52 PM
19030:57:01228Stuck In Second GearOMSaratoga, CA07:30 AM02:27 PM
19130:59:12219Ey Road Runners [Ernst & Young, LLP]CMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM02:29 PM
19231:00:0015Us Bank - Flamingo 1 [US Bank]OMMenlo Park, CA08:00 AM03:00 PM
19331:00:0016Us Bank - Flamingo 2 [US Bank]OXPalo Alto, CA08:00 AM03:00 PM
19431:01:54180RelaymamasSWMountain View, CA07:00 AM02:01 PM
19531:05:52243Mailmen [Acxiom Corporation]CMSan Mateo, CA09:30 AM04:35 PM
19631:11:487912 MetatarsalsOXBeverly Hills, CA07:30 AM02:41 PM
19731:12:1675Stumbling Through The NightOMSacramento, CA08:30 AM03:42 PM
19831:15:03167Fat Boys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]OMPleasanton, CA08:30 AM03:45 PM
19931:15:2286Flaaaming Norcal HotchicksOWFolsom, CA07:30 AM02:45 PM
20031:19:51116Gods At Sea, Mortals On Land [U.S. Coast Guard]PXAlameda, CA08:30 AM03:49 PM
20131:21:25182SmacmesallyOXOakland, CA08:30 AM03:51 PM
20231:21:25195Kill Hill Volume 2OXRedwood City, CA08:00 AM03:21 PM
20331:21:26208Heart & SoleOXMountain View, CA08:00 AM03:21 PM
20431:22:0914211 Turkeys And A HamOXHayward, CA07:30 AM02:52 PM
20531:25:46117Livermore LegsSWLivermore, CA11:00 AM06:25 PM
20631:30:55247Raymond Reliable Renegade Runners RedoCMLafayette, CA10:30 AM06:00 PM
20731:35:03196Short Shorts Drive Us NutsOMWalnut Creek, CA08:00 AM03:35 PM
20831:35:2342Blister SistersSWLa Jolla, CA10:30 AM06:05 PM
20931:35:3521324 Feet Of FuryOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM04:35 PM
21031:36:33123New Roar [Charles/Galen]SMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM04:06 PM
21131:36:41168No Whining [Presbyterian Church in Chinatown]OMS. San Francisco, CA07:30 AM03:06 PM
21231:38:1082Denty's Midnight RunnersOMSanta Monica, CA08:00 AM03:38 PM
21331:43:36153I Gotta Pee!OMSanta Clara, CA10:30 AM06:13 PM
21431:45:0974BarbariansOMMadera, CA09:30 AM05:15 PM
21531:47:0245We Love Exercise, Exercise Is Fun!OXTurlock, CA07:30 AM03:17 PM
21631:54:03205Literally RunningOMSunnyvale, CA07:30 AM03:24 PM
21731:54:06187Shin SplintsOXSan Rafael, CA08:00 AM03:54 PM
21831:54:57104SolunaOXOakland, CA09:00 AM04:54 PM
21931:57:573Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA09:00 AM04:57 PM
22032:00:3140Masochists Moving Through Moonlight And MiraclesOXLangley, WA10:30 AM06:30 PM
22132:10:47158Parched & CrankyOMAntelope, CA09:30 AM05:40 PM
22232:15:18126Run Forest Run [Nvidia]CXSanta Clara, CA08:00 AM04:15 PM
22332:34:18206Catie And Annie's Cops 1OMVacaville, CA07:00 AM03:34 PM
22432:37:34242Vacaville Police/Catie's Cops [Vacaville POA]PMVacaville, CA07:00 AM03:37 PM
22532:39:18214Aromatic BlendOXSanta Clara, CA07:30 AM04:09 PM
22632:40:02134Sole SistersSWConcord, CA08:30 AM05:10 PM
22733:04:0955Ez8 Runners [OC Boot Camp]OWAliso Viejo, CA07:00 AM04:04 PM
22833:13:39100Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA08:30 AM05:43 PM
22933:26:49181Liquidity Events [Silicon Valley Bank]CXIrvine, CA08:30 AM05:56 PM
23033:32:22170Flour Children [Hash House Harriers]SMFelton, CA08:30 AM06:02 PM
23133:52:3012Speed Kills Slow Down [Hash House Harriers]OMFremont, CA07:30 AM05:22 PM
23234:00:0644Footloose PeepsOXNew York, NY08:00 AM06:00 PM
23334:20:2649Caution! Slow Runner AheadOXSacramento, CA07:00 AM05:20 PM
23434:22:3660Mice On A Trampoline [Fairfield Fire Dept.]PMEl Dorado Hills, CA07:00 AM05:22 PM
23534:27:5150Running Of The FoolsOXLakewood, CO07:00 AM05:27 PM
23636:03:0359Got MilkOWEl Dorado Hills, CA07:00 AM07:03 PM
23756:48:38244More Cow Bell (10/14 start for 153 miles solo)OMDanville, CA03:00 AM11:48 AM
23880:43:092Team Dean (10/12 start for 350 miles solo)OMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM10:43 PM