The Relay 2006 (199 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
121:54:3335Prophets On The Burning Shore [Lewis & Clark Law School]OMPortland, OR02:00 PM11:54 AM
223:03:2822Fast And Loose [Golden Gate Running Club]OMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM01:03 PM
323:45:5217Blue LightningOMSan Jose, CA02:00 PM01:45 PM
423:59:53111Cypress Steppers [Cypress Semiconductor]CMLucas, TX02:00 PM01:59 PM
524:28:34105Dse Runners [DSE Running Club]OMSausalito, CA02:00 PM02:28 PM
625:04:41102Dse Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA12:00 PM01:04 PM
725:05:47148Tri Curious [Forward Motion Race Club]OXDanville, CA02:00 PM03:05 PM
825:20:04112Catie And Annie's Cops 3OMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM01:20 PM
925:23:4337Blue SteelOMWashington, DC01:30 PM02:53 PM
1025:52:3532Billy B's Road SlugsOMStockton, CA02:00 PM03:52 PM
1125:55:14113Lifesavers [coast guard]PMPetaluma, CA01:00 PM02:55 PM
1226:01:09153East County RunnersOMBrentwood, CA01:30 PM03:31 PM
1326:17:5418Yaks [Applied Biosystems]CMNovato, CA01:30 PM03:47 PM
1426:20:0036Remote Controlled [Air Force]OMSan Diego, CA01:30 PM03:50 PM
1526:33:32160Superfeet TooOXchatsworth, CA11:30 AM02:03 PM
1626:33:32159SuperfeetOXChatsworth, CA11:30 AM02:03 PM
1726:35:47166RunnoftOMSan Jose, CA11:00 AM01:35 PM
1826:40:56138Unusual SuspectsSMLos Gatos, CA01:00 PM03:40 PM
1926:47:12125Lost RunnersOMMill Valley, CA12:30 PM03:17 PM
2026:52:07161Painful Case Of The Runs [Boston Scientific]CMSanta Rosa, CA01:30 PM04:22 PM
2127:00:59123Maverick WavesOXMontara, CA01:00 PM04:00 PM
2227:07:3121New Pony Express [Wells Fargo Bank]CMSan Rafael, CA02:00 PM05:07 PM
2327:10:377NadsSXAptos, CA01:30 PM04:40 PM
2427:19:34175Triage Hurts So Good [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:19 PM
2527:26:34174Triage Don't Stop Believin' [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:26 PM
2627:26:42169Donor PartyOMMoraga, CA12:30 PM03:56 PM
2727:54:33130Dips Run Club [CFHWM]SMRedwood City, CA11:30 AM03:24 PM
2827:55:34139Shell Team Outta Gas [Shell Martinez Refinery]OMMartinez, CA10:00 AM01:55 PM
2927:57:26133Stevens Creek StridersSMSan Jose, CA11:30 AM03:27 PM
3028:00:055Misfits XIISXWalnut Creek, CA10:00 AM02:00 PM
3128:07:40163Next Stop 199 MilesOMFremont, CA11:30 AM03:37 PM
3228:08:59179Pacemakers [St. Jude Medical]CMSanta Clara, CA09:00 AM01:08 PM
3328:10:33127Seagate Xtreme Drives [Seagate]SMFremont, CA10:30 AM02:40 PM
3428:11:42117Yo...taxiOMFremont, CA12:30 PM04:41 PM
3528:12:56176Triage Ice, Ice Baby [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:12 PM
3628:15:5324Balco Lab Rats [Knight Capital Group]OMGlencoe, IL10:30 AM02:45 PM
3728:23:22171I Left My Wallet In San FranciscoOXSan Mateo, CA10:00 AM02:23 PM
3828:24:35109Sponge Bob No ChancdeOMRedwood City, CA11:00 AM03:24 PM
3928:36:00168Focker's WalkersOMSan Jose, CA09:30 AM02:06 PM
4028:36:10172Fat BastardsOXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM12:36 PM
4128:37:08178Go Dude!OMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:37 PM
4228:49:14165Lost Runners 2OXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:49 PM
4328:58:15144Slow And Tight [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM12:28 PM
4429:03:16122Gang Green [EPA]CXAlbany, CA10:30 AM03:33 PM
4529:05:47164Easy Roadkill [Kaiser Electronics]CMCastro Valley, CA10:00 AM03:05 PM
4629:07:42124BootsyOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:07 PM
4729:17:14132Parched & CrankyOXSan Mateo, CA10:00 AM03:17 PM
4829:18:26167Flying HubcapsOMOakland, CA11:30 AM04:48 PM
4929:19:02120Gogogo [PAMF]OMSanta Clara, CA11:00 AM04:19 PM
5029:23:31101Captain Mike And The RangersOMSanta Cruz, CA08:00 AM01:23 PM
5129:27:24110Sims Hugo Neu Scrappers [Sims Hugo Neu]OMSan Jose, CA11:30 AM04:57 PM
5229:30:13131Duct Tape & Wd [VIA Rehabilitation Services / SCFD]OMSan Mateo, CA09:30 AM03:00 PM
5329:30:35141No WheelsOMSan Jose, CA09:30 AM03:00 PM
5429:30:43142Thunder ChickensOMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM02:30 PM
5529:39:31126Taxi!OMCupertino, CA10:00 AM03:39 PM
5629:45:01104Dirty Stinky DozenSMLos Gatos, CA08:30 AM02:15 PM
5729:46:14106Running Noses [Stanford Otolaryngology]OMPalo Alto, CA09:00 AM02:46 PM
5829:46:21170Short ShortsOMWalnut Creek, CA10:30 AM04:16 PM
5930:00:0730Dallas Hill Wranglers [Old American County Mutual]SMDallas, TX11:00 AM05:00 PM
6030:03:3627Chips & DipsOMCarmichael, CA08:30 AM02:33 PM
6130:03:37146Glutens For Punishment [Genencor International]CXBelmont, CA08:30 AM02:33 PM
6230:04:2540Goulet And The Coconut Headbangers BallOXVenice, CA10:30 AM04:34 PM
6330:05:40108Hey Cow!OXDanville, CA09:30 AM03:35 PM
6430:11:02118BarbariansOMNew York, NY09:00 AM03:11 PM
6530:11:50116SkirtSWSanta Rosa, CA08:30 AM02:41 PM
6630:14:42135Runners AnonymousSMSunnyvale, CA11:30 AM05:44 PM
6730:18:22154Moon Over My HammiesOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:18 PM
6830:22:3423Mailmen [Acxiom Corporation]OMSan Mateo, CA09:30 AM03:52 PM
6930:25:3920Ey Road Runners [Ernst & Young]OXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM02:25 PM
7030:28:27143Spearmint RhinosOXSan Jose, CA08:30 AM02:58 PM
7130:33:10114A Team With No Name []OMSaratoga, CA08:30 AM03:03 PM
7230:34:20107Rare Wine, Old Legs, Hot BabesSXLivermore, CA10:30 AM05:04 PM
7330:38:2815Proud To Be Premium [Ghirardelli Chocolate Company]CXSan Leandro, CA08:00 AM02:38 PM
7430:39:1428Crazy LegsOMFolsom, CA07:30 AM02:09 PM
7530:41:28147Run Deloitte Run [Deloitte]CXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:11 PM
7630:45:00145PenguinsOWBurlingame, CA07:30 AM02:15 PM
7730:47:52152Catie And Annie's Cops 4 / Vacaville PDPMVacaville, CA10:30 AM05:17 PM
7830:49:14128Shin SplintsOXSan Rafael, CA08:00 AM02:49 PM
7930:50:3539Hcss Heavy Haulers [HCSS]CMHouston, TX10:00 AM04:50 PM
8030:52:334Are We There YetOMSan Carlos, CA09:00 AM03:52 PM
8130:54:2838Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA07:00 AM01:54 PM
8230:57:37157AthletaOXPetaluma, CA07:00 AM01:57 PM
8330:59:12137Drug RunnersOMFremont, CA09:00 AM03:59 PM
8431:05:14140Maximum OutputOMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM03:05 PM
8531:06:5025Sac It Up!OXElk Grove, CA11:00 AM06:06 PM
8631:07:49121Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:00 AM04:07 PM
8731:14:3511Aromatic BlendOXSanta Clara, CA07:30 AM02:44 PM
8831:31:2034Donors En RouteOXSan Diego, CA09:30 AM05:01 PM
8931:33:37119Desperately Seeking Santa CruzOMMenlo Park, CA07:30 AM03:03 PM
9031:47:40180Club Dave [dr david cain]OMsonoma, CA08:30 AM04:17 PM
9131:48:3226Sole SurvivorsOXTurlock, CA09:30 AM05:18 PM
9231:48:45115Purple Promise [FedEx]CXVallejo, CA09:30 AM05:18 PM
9331:51:08162Strictly Recreational [Boston Scientific]CMSanta Rosa, CA07:00 AM02:51 PM
9431:58:32149CommotionOMOakland, CA07:30 AM03:28 PM
9532:43:58151Catie And Annie's Cops 1 [BDSRA]OMVacaville, CA07:30 AM04:13 PM
9632:44:453Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:30 AM05:14 PM
9732:45:05156Indomitable SpiritOMDanville, CA07:30 AM04:15 PM
9832:45:3212Speed Kills Slow Down [Hash House Harriers]OXFremont, CA08:00 AM04:45 PM
9932:56:30134Purple DynamiteOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM04:56 PM
10033:28:23150Literally RunningOMLos Altos, CA07:00 AM04:28 PM
10133:41:45129Running MonkeysOXLos Altos, CA08:00 AM05:41 PM
10233:46:002Team Dean & Jim Go Green [The North Face]OMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM04:46 PM
10334:08:28173Idiart Honeymooners [Charles Herrera]OXSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:38 PM
10434:26:01155Samosas And Chai [ILP]OMSanta Clara, CA07:00 AM05:26 PM
10534:55:4029Fresno JjammersOMFresno, CA07:00 AM05:55 PM
10635:01:36103Schlegel's LegOWConcord, CA07:00 AM06:01 PM