The Relay 2007 (199 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
120:43:2677Google 1 [Google]OMNew York, NY03:00 PM11:43 AM
221:49:30105Dse Racing [DSE Running Club]OMSausalito, CA03:00 PM12:49 PM
321:51:10134Sandbagger TcOMPalo Alto, CA03:00 PM12:51 PM
424:31:5371Disco Express [Juniper Networks]OXReston, VA02:00 PM02:31 PM
525:19:5125Blue Lightning [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA02:00 PM03:19 PM
625:24:4917112 Knackered SlackersOMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM02:54 PM
725:37:0118Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA01:00 PM02:37 PM
825:39:1036Billy B's Road SlugsOMStockton, CA01:30 PM03:09 PM
925:44:58115Lifesavers [U.S. Coast Guard]PMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM03:14 PM
1025:46:0726Yaks [Applied Biosystems]CMNovato, CA02:00 PM03:46 PM
1125:51:11190GGRC: Run, Drink And Get Naked [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM12:51 PM
1225:54:30129Habitual Line SteppahsOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM01:54 PM
1325:57:56174Gu Crew [GU]OXBrentwood, CA01:30 PM03:27 PM
1426:05:2152Carpe Gluteus [Sacramento Frontrunners]OMSacramento, CA01:30 PM03:35 PM
1526:22:04139Unusual SuspectsSMSanta Rosa, CA12:00 PM02:22 PM
1626:22:07159Cheaper Than Therapy [Petaluma Valley Athletic Club]OMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM03:52 PM
1726:24:3119Florsheim [Florsheim Shoe Company]OXFairfax, CA11:30 AM01:54 PM
1826:26:24156Ocean's TwelveOMStanford, CA01:30 PM03:56 PM
1926:27:30148911 Team - We Run Code 3 [For Ben Thorton]PMCotati, CA02:00 PM04:27 PM
2026:32:29133Catie And Annie's Cops 3OMConcord, CA01:00 PM03:32 PM
2126:49:28189GGRC: Martini's And Mayhem [Golden Gate Running Club]OXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM01:49 PM
2226:51:1134Thunder ThighsOMClaremont, CA12:00 PM02:51 PM
2326:51:3246Third CoastSMMinneapolis, MN12:00 PM02:51 PM
2426:51:5059Touch My MonkeySMSan Luis Obispo, CA01:30 PM04:21 PM
2526:53:5850Bada BingOXBainbridge Island, WA11:30 AM02:23 PM
2626:59:56103Svrcrazy [South Valley Running Club]SMMorgan Hill, CA01:00 PM03:59 PM
2727:01:07179Conta Costa Fire Old Dogs [Contra Costa Fire]PMclayton, CA12:30 PM03:31 PM
2827:04:39102Sims Hugo Neu Scrappers [Sims Hugo Neu]OMSan Jose, CA01:30 PM04:34 PM
2927:12:20107RunnoftOMRedwood City, CA10:30 AM01:42 PM
3027:12:301146 Dudes With 12 BoobsOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:12 PM
3127:20:38192Superfeet TooOXsan francisco, CA10:30 AM01:50 PM
3227:22:265Misfits 13OXWalnut Creek, CA10:00 AM01:22 PM
3327:25:4131Sole SistersOWLoveland, CO11:00 AM02:25 PM
3427:32:1353Remote Controlled [Air Force]OMSan Diego, CA01:00 PM04:32 PM
3527:39:20220Bella [Bella High-Performance Tanning, Inc.]OMSan Pablo, CA12:30 PM04:09 PM
3627:39:492Team Dean, Jim, & Topher: 3 (un)wise MenOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM01:39 PM
3727:40:32158Donor PartySMMoraga, CA10:30 AM02:10 PM
3827:40:40168Sweet:cheeksOXWalnut Creek, CA12:00 PM03:40 PM
3927:43:48110Sponge Bob No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA11:30 AM03:13 PM
4027:45:05118Slightly IrregularOMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM04:15 PM
4127:47:02209Rowdy RacersOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM05:17 PM
4227:48:0758Chasing CougarsOMLa Jolla, CA11:00 AM02:48 PM
4327:57:2841El Dorado Hills Plodders [Capitol City Tile & Marble]OMEl Dorado Hills, CA12:30 PM04:27 PM
4427:58:11113Flying HubcapsOMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM04:28 PM
4528:03:47120Dips Run Club [CFHWM/]SMRedwood City, CA01:00 PM05:03 PM
4628:06:147NadsSXAptos, CA12:30 PM04:36 PM
4728:12:02175Sofa Kings [San Ramon Firefighters]PMRipon, CA12:30 PM04:42 PM
4828:13:5238Asskickin' NametakersOMAtlanta, GA01:00 PM05:13 PM
4928:14:06117Lost RunnersOMMill Valley, CA01:00 PM05:14 PM
5028:16:4067Smell Of BaconOXCamas, WA11:30 AM03:46 PM
5128:20:52124Dips Run Club Too []OMPalo Alto, CA12:00 PM04:20 PM
5228:34:17217Camel ToesOXfoster city, CA09:00 AM01:34 PM
5328:37:0365Beach CruisersOMPhoenix, AZ12:00 PM04:37 PM
5428:40:07201Triage Another One Bites The Dust [Triage Consulting]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:10 PM
5528:42:4574Running LateOMreno, NV10:30 AM03:12 PM
5628:45:18140Shell Team Outta Gas [Shell Oil Products US]CMConcord, CA01:00 PM05:45 PM
5728:47:45173I Left My Wallet In San FranciscoOXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM03:17 PM
5828:49:07196WahoozleOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:19 PM
5928:51:0263Cool RunningsOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM01:51 PM
6028:51:30151Runners AnonymousOMSunnyvale, CA11:00 AM03:51 PM
6129:00:26216YogathleteOMSF, CA02:00 PM07:00 PM
6229:02:5044Barbarians [The Horde]OMMarina Del Rey, CA09:30 AM02:32 PM
6329:05:01104Sun Chasers []OXOakland, CA12:00 PM05:05 PM
6429:09:02153Pa Semi-conscious SlugsSMPalo Alto, CA09:00 AM02:09 PM
6529:09:3040Vision Service Plan [VSP]CMRancho Cordova, CA12:00 PM05:09 PM
6629:10:02132One Mile At A TimeSMConcord, CA10:30 AM03:40 PM
6729:11:48204Triage We Will Rock You [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:41 PM
6829:13:57162Slo TeamOMBelmont, CA08:00 AM01:13 PM
6929:14:07166Marin County Sheriff Search And RescuePMCalistoga, CA10:00 AM03:14 PM
7029:14:5142En FuegoOXRenton, WA11:30 AM04:44 PM
7129:15:0522Organize The PlanetOMLivermore, CA11:00 AM04:15 PM
7229:15:24135Running MonkeysOMSunnyvale, CA09:30 AM02:45 PM
7329:15:3754Chips & DipsSMFair Oaks, CA12:00 PM05:15 PM
7429:17:07198Nutz n Boltz [Mountain Hardwear]CMRichmond, CA11:00 AM04:17 PM
7529:19:28123Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:00 AM02:19 PM
7629:30:0560Land SlothsOMTempleton, CA11:00 AM04:30 PM
7729:30:27221Google G-unit [Google]CXMountain View, CA09:00 AM02:30 PM
7829:31:11188Catie And Annie's Cops 4 [Vacaville Police]PMVacaville, CA08:30 AM02:01 PM
7929:32:00203Triage Spottieottiedopaliscious [Triage Consulting Group]CX Atlanta, GA11:30 AM05:02 PM
8029:34:05152Who's Your Daddy? [Kaiser Electronics]CMLos Gatos, CA08:30 AM02:04 PM
8129:34:5637CavemanOXPutnam Valley, NY11:00 AM04:34 PM
8229:34:5639Pack Of FoolsMMlongview, TX09:00 AM02:34 PM
8329:36:3143Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA08:30 AM02:06 PM
8429:36:33155Indomitable Spirit [Tao Sports]OMDanville, CA07:30 AM01:06 PM
8529:38:37121Run UglyOXLos Altos, CA10:00 AM03:38 PM
8629:39:43164Moon Over My HammiesOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:39 PM
8729:40:07184EPA Gang Green [EPA]CXAlbany, CA09:30 AM03:10 PM
8829:41:0230Smells Like Team SpiritOXCamas, WA12:00 PM05:41 PM
8929:41:3866Ryan Salty Dawgs [Ryan & Company]CXDallas, TX10:30 AM04:11 PM
9029:43:17144Viktor And The HussiesOXSF, CA10:00 AM03:43 PM
9129:47:05223We Got The Runs!OMSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM04:17 PM
9229:48:50127Duct Tape & WD [SCFD / VIA Rehabilitation]PMSan Mateo, CA11:00 AM04:48 PM
9329:49:47147Seagate Xtreme Drives [Seagate Technology]CMFremont, CA07:30 AM01:19 PM
9429:51:57180SkirtMWSanta Rosa, CA08:00 AM01:51 PM
9529:53:07186Buzz (the) [Harmony Capital Management]OXMenlo Park, CA10:00 AM03:53 PM
9629:53:33169Thunder Chickens [Fresh Ideas]OMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM02:53 PM
9729:58:00143Yo...we Don't Need No Stinkin' Taxi!OMSan Jose, CA09:30 AM03:28 PM
9830:06:24200Taxi!OXPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM05:06 PM
9930:09:0869Big Van & No TanOXWaltham, MA09:00 AM03:09 PM
10030:11:15224Buns Of Steele [Genentech]OMDavis, CA09:30 AM03:41 PM
10130:11:31163Run Deloitte Run [Deloitte & Touche LLP]CMSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM04:41 PM
10230:13:57222Yahoo! Personals [Yahoo!]CMSunnyvale, CA08:30 AM02:43 PM
10330:14:56170Fat BastardsOXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM04:44 PM
10430:15:52111Drug RunnersOMMenlo Park, CA10:00 AM04:15 PM
10530:16:2168Suns Of A BeachOXCorona del Mar, CA09:30 AM03:46 PM
10630:16:5149Sole EnergyOXSummerland, CA10:00 AM04:16 PM
10730:16:58130Rare Wine, Old Legs, Hot BabesSXLivermore, CA09:00 AM03:16 PM
10830:21:28112Medical RunnersOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:51 PM
10930:22:10194Faster By The DozenOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:52 PM
11030:26:14154199 Miles 'R' UsOXSan Jose, CA11:00 AM05:26 PM
11130:27:4333Running A MuskOXGrapevine, TX08:30 AM02:57 PM
11230:27:59218South Valley YmcaOXSan Jose, CA08:30 AM02:57 PM
11330:40:01138Club Dave [dr david cain]SXsonoma, CA07:30 AM02:10 PM
11430:46:38205Shin SplintsOXLarkspur, CA09:30 AM04:16 PM
11530:47:39206Stryker Strength [Stryker Endoscopy]OXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM02:47 PM
11630:52:10193EY Road RunnersOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:52 PM
11730:53:07108Yo...taxiOXFremont, CA09:30 AM04:23 PM
11830:55:1273Big Apple Dumpling GangSMDavis, CA07:30 AM02:25 PM
11931:00:07182Peet's Feet [Kiewit Pacific Co.]OXElk Grove, CA09:30 AM04:30 PM
12031:00:26125Rabid BunniesOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM04:00 PM
12131:02:1675Crazy LegsSMfolsom, CA10:30 AM05:32 PM
12231:02:41136Schlegel's Leg [CCCFPD]OWConcord, CA09:00 AM04:02 PM
12331:02:45160Kick Assphalt [Petaluma Valley Athletic Club]SXPetaluma, CA08:00 AM03:02 PM
12431:07:31145Wine To Wharf WrunnersOMBen Lomond, CA07:00 AM02:07 PM
12531:08:45142XdxpressOMBrisbane, CA09:30 AM04:38 PM
12631:10:17178Sos, Int'l (slow, Old Sagehens, International)MMPiedmont, CA11:00 AM06:10 PM
12731:13:07199Graniterock [Graniterock]OMSanta Cruz, CA08:00 AM03:13 PM
12831:15:0710012 Flew Over The Cuckoos NestOXMartinez, CA10:00 AM05:15 PM
12931:15:56212San Frangeles WutcherfacesOXSanta Monica, CA11:00 AM06:15 PM
13031:18:32177Sadistic Friends Of ScottOXDanville, CA11:30 AM06:48 PM
13131:23:23167Runners With Heart [South Bay Runners / Urban Sports]OXSan Jose, CA09:30 AM04:53 PM
13231:32:3161WawaweewaOXDavis, CA08:30 AM04:02 PM
13331:36:34141Genencor [Genencor International]CXSunnyvale, CA09:00 AM04:36 PM
13431:36:59214Short Shorts Drive Us NutsOMWalnut Creek, CA09:30 AM05:06 PM
13531:40:0457PenguinsOWJoshua Tree, CA10:00 AM05:40 PM
13631:41:0048Stinko-they-mayoOMSelma, CA08:30 AM04:11 PM
13731:43:27195Fuel 2007 [Global Passion]OMnapa, CA10:30 AM06:13 PM
13831:43:3964Dirty DozenOMStockton, CA08:30 AM04:13 PM
13931:44:064Are We There Yet?OMSan Carlos, CA09:30 AM05:14 PM
14031:45:23208A Couple Runners And The OthersOMSunnyvale, CA08:30 AM04:15 PM
14131:45:2976Avanade AvengersOXChicago, IL08:00 AM03:45 PM
14231:48:32161Vijay's VagabondsOXOakland, CA08:30 AM04:18 PM
14331:49:50185Yahoo's Your Daddy [Yahoo!]CMSan Mateo, CA09:30 AM05:19 PM
14431:50:31119More Tortoise Than HareOXCampbell, CA10:00 AM05:50 PM
14531:57:0051Reno Wobbling Winos [IGT]OXReno, NV10:00 AM05:57 PM
14631:57:5132Blister SistersOWLa Jolla, CA10:30 AM06:27 PM
14732:00:553Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont,, CA10:00 AM06:00 PM
14832:08:22187AthletaOXPetaluma, CA08:00 AM04:08 PM
14932:16:21146Run Forrest RunOMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM03:46 PM
15032:27:09207Running Noses [Stanford Otolaryngology]CMPalo Alto, CA08:00 AM04:27 PM
15132:28:06176Why Not?OMSF, CA08:30 AM04:58 PM
15232:33:54157Brew CruizersOXBrentwood, CA08:00 AM04:33 PM
15332:37:017224 Weary SolesOXLos Angeles, CA07:00 AM03:37 PM
15432:41:12126Twice The Estrogen; Half The TestosteroneOXSanta Cruz, CA08:30 AM05:11 PM
15532:48:30210Catie And Annie's CopsOMVacaville, CA07:00 AM03:48 PM
15632:52:4521Got Lungs?OXRedwood City, CA07:30 AM04:22 PM
15732:53:00131Lung Distance RunnersOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM06:53 PM
15833:07:10183Reading, Writing, Running [India Literacy Project]OMSan Jose, CA07:00 AM04:07 PM
15933:15:0162Desayuno De CampeonesOMPasadena, CA07:30 AM04:45 PM
16033:19:22150Samosas And Chai [ILP]OMSanta Clara, CA09:00 AM06:19 PM
16133:19:38149Literally Running [ILP - India Literacy Project]OMLos Altos, CA07:00 AM04:19 PM
16233:20:34122Tenis CalientesOXHayward, CA08:30 AM05:50 PM
16333:24:07128Wok N RollersOXSan Jose, CA07:00 AM04:24 PM
16433:24:52181Feel The Beat Runners [Ucsf Pediatric Heart Center]OXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM06:24 PM
16533:34:0716Speed Kills Slow Down [Hash House Harriers]OXFremont, CA08:00 AM05:34 PM
16633:54:00137Fat Boys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]OMPleasanton, CA08:00 AM05:54 PM
16733:59:5055Slow Is The New FastOXClovis, CA07:30 AM05:29 PM
16834:07:12165CommotionOMPacifica, CA08:00 AM06:07 PM
16934:29:2156Slow...the New Fast!OMFresno, CA07:30 AM05:59 PM
17034:39:4745Chaos In MotionOXSalt Lake City, UT08:00 AM06:39 PM
17134:48:4347Chub Rub & Muffin TopsOWAliso Viejo, CA07:00 AM05:48 PM
17234:58:0315Jogging For JimOXPhoenixville, PA07:30 AM06:28 PM
17335:00:09116SirensOXSanta Cruz, CA07:30 AM06:30 PM
17435:26:00109Fat Kids Always Win At SeesawOXFremont, CA08:00 AM07:26 PM
17535:39:2270Eagle RockersOWLos Angeles, CA07:00 AM06:39 PM