The Relay 2008 (199 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
120:22:141Google 1 [Google]CMNew York, NY03:00 PM11:22 AM
222:03:1212DSE Runners [Diego Bros. Inc]OMSausalito, CA03:00 PM01:03 PM
322:28:5668Los Angeles FrontrunnersOMLos Angeles, CA03:00 PM01:28 PM
423:50:34185Factset [FactSet]CMSan Mateo, CA02:00 PM01:50 PM
523:51:3318Yaks [Applied Biosystems]CMNovato, CA02:00 PM01:51 PM
624:08:26234Whale ExpeditionOMWalnut Creek, CA02:00 PM02:08 PM
724:40:5516Devils Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA12:30 PM01:10 PM
825:03:57221NewdsPMMonterey, CA03:00 PM04:03 PM
925:16:2017Blue Lightning 13 [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA02:00 PM03:16 PM
1025:20:49242OoyalaOMMountain View, CA12:30 PM01:50 PM
1125:21:22194Lifesavers [US Coast Guard]PMpetaluma, CA01:30 PM02:51 PM
1225:34:4047All Gas, No BrakesOMPinehurst, NC12:00 PM01:34 PM
1325:41:48111Catie And Annie's Cops 3OXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM02:41 PM
1425:47:30219911 Team, We Run Code Three [For Ben Thronton]PMCotati, CA01:30 PM03:17 PM
1525:48:05125Svrcrazy [South Valley Running Club]OMMorgan Hill, CA02:00 PM03:48 PM
1625:55:00151BarbariansOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM11:55 AM
1726:05:21189Google 2 [Google]CWNew York, NY02:00 PM04:05 PM
1826:06:50204Sweet:cheeks 2OMBerkeley, CA02:00 PM04:06 PM
1926:12:4445Underphunded: Run To RedOXSan Diego, CA01:30 PM03:42 PM
2026:15:58138Lost RunnersOMMill Valley, CA01:00 PM03:15 PM
2126:23:1634Cathouse DawgsSMReno, NV02:00 PM04:23 PM
2226:28:151246 Dudes With 12 BoobsOMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:58 PM
2326:43:14120Whine And CheeseOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM03:43 PM
2426:46:00143Cheaper Than Therapy [Petaluma Valley Athletic Club]SMPetaluma, CA12:00 PM02:46 PM
2526:53:40240YogathleteOMSan Francisco, California, CA01:00 PM03:53 PM
2627:03:5525Tadow's TwelveOMKilleen, TX01:00 PM04:03 PM
2727:06:00135Runners Formerly Known As RunnoftOMRedwood City, CA11:00 AM02:06 PM
2827:07:0420Southern StrideOMNashville, TN12:30 PM03:37 PM
2927:12:04141SuperfeetOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:12 PM
3027:12:04142Superfeet TooOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:12 PM
3127:20:23129Donor PartySMMoraga, CA11:00 AM02:20 PM
3227:20:59198Dips Run Club TooOMPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM02:20 PM
3327:22:1946V S P [Vision Service Plan]CMRancho Cordova, CA02:00 PM05:22 PM
3427:26:23106Pain TrainSMSan Jose, CA12:00 PM03:26 PM
3527:28:0866Bada BingsSMNormandy Park, WA12:30 PM03:58 PM
3627:28:2238Get Back In The VanOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:28 PM
3727:31:196Lung Distance RunnersOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:31 PM
3827:35:307NadsOXAptos, CA12:30 PM04:05 PM
3927:37:07133Sponge Bob No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA12:30 PM04:07 PM
4027:37:498Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs [ISPE]OMRedwood City, CA11:30 AM03:07 PM
4127:45:2619Yaktrek [Applied Biosystems]CMSan Jose, CA10:30 AM02:15 PM
4227:48:59119Project PerseveranceOXfoster city, CA01:00 PM04:48 PM
4327:50:24211Pete's FeetOXWoodland, CA11:30 AM03:20 PM
4427:50:48160Gar Model Rising [US Coast Guard]PMConcord, CA01:30 PM05:20 PM
4527:52:58187Gilead [Gilead Sciences]CXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM05:22 PM
4627:53:27157Blood Sweat And Beers [GGRC]OXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM05:23 PM
4728:03:45114Lean Gene Machine [Genencor International]CMPalo Alto, CA09:30 AM01:33 PM
4828:04:32128Scrappers [Sims Metal Management]SMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM04:34 PM
4928:10:06165Petaluma Firefighters [Petaluma Firefighters]PMRohnert Park, CA10:00 AM02:10 PM
5028:10:1526Running Away W Neighbors' SpouseSXMadison, WI09:30 AM01:40 PM
5128:10:24126Yahoo [Team Yahoo]SMLos Gatos, CA10:30 AM02:40 PM
5228:12:14144Google 6 [Google]CMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:42 PM
5328:14:18195Google 5 [Google]CXSeattle, WA11:30 AM03:44 PM
5428:14:25188Dips Run Club [CFHWM]OMRedwood City, CA01:00 PM05:14 PM
5528:15:48236Parched & Cranky [Smalltown, Inc./Wine Garage, Calistoga]OMSan Mateo, CA10:00 AM02:15 PM
5628:16:45139Shin SplintsOMLarkspur, CA12:00 PM04:16 PM
5728:17:06179Finish Line We'll Be First At The BarOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:17 PM
5828:17:4931Double MargsOMNew York, NY11:00 AM03:17 PM
5928:17:59116Flying HubcapsSMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM04:47 PM
6028:18:082Team Dean (147.6 miles solo)OMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM11:18 AM
6128:23:32122Kidney CollectorsOXPortola Valley, CA10:30 AM02:53 PM
6228:24:0950Your Pace Or Mine?OMNew York, NY08:30 AM12:54 PM
6328:26:34131Run Deloitte Run [Deloitte & Touche LLP]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:26 PM
6428:26:3527Does This Van Make My Butt Look Big?SWBrooklyn, NY11:30 AM03:56 PM
6528:30:03407 Sacks, 5 Racks, And 1 Pressed HamOMSan Diego, CA11:00 AM03:30 PM
6628:32:30216WahoozleOMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:02 PM
6728:41:27239Triage 2 [Triage Consulting Group]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:11 PM
6828:44:36243Moon Over My HammiesOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:44 PM
6928:47:2469Santini's Finest [Presidio of Monterey]PMmonterey, CA01:30 PM06:17 PM
7028:55:06134Suns Of A BeachOXFountain Valley, CA11:00 AM03:55 PM
7128:55:24215Nutz N Boltz [Mountain Hardwear]CXRichmond, CA10:00 AM02:55 PM
7228:58:50113Ever Forward [DPR Construction]CMSunnyvale, CA12:00 PM04:58 PM
7329:00:08149Donor SaintsSXLos Altos, CA10:30 AM03:30 PM
7429:00:17238Triage 1 [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:30 PM
7529:00:50200Links For LifeSXWalnut Creek, CA11:00 AM04:00 PM
7629:01:03186Running Monkeys [Sports Basement]OMSunnyvale, CA01:00 PM06:01 PM
7729:03:16115Run Faster. Live Better.OMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM02:03 PM
7829:05:2865Runaway JuryOXConcord, CA11:00 AM04:05 PM
7929:06:52180HussiesOWSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:36 PM
8029:09:56173Cool RunningsOWSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:39 PM
8129:12:1919724 Bouncing BoobsOWStanford, CA11:30 AM04:42 PM
8229:12:2552We've Got The Runs [Stryker]CMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM06:12 PM
8329:15:03127Funner RunnersOXMountain View, CA08:30 AM01:45 PM
8429:18:33147No Defeat For Da FeetOMCampbell, CA10:00 AM03:18 PM
8529:19:06161Weekend WarriorsSXSanta Rosa, CA09:00 AM02:19 PM
8629:20:17206There Will Be BlistersOMPetaluma, CA11:00 AM04:20 PM
8729:20:38107En FuegoOXSan Jose, CA12:00 PM05:20 PM
8829:21:4461Stinky Toe Joe & Psychedelic Road ShowOMReno, NV10:00 AM03:21 PM
8929:22:36196CameltoesOXDublin, CA10:00 AM03:22 PM
9029:23:3836Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA07:30 AM12:53 PM
9129:24:09169Aromatic BlendOXSanta Clara, CA11:00 AM04:24 PM
9229:28:2415Nights Dirty Lightning [HSP]OMMalibu, CA11:30 AM04:58 PM
9329:33:39237WebebopOMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM04:33 PM
9429:34:33117Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:30 AM03:04 PM
9529:35:38229Dead Sexy LegsOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:35 PM
9629:40:13224Faster By The DozenOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:40 PM
9729:41:03112Rabid BunniesOXsan francisco, CA10:30 AM04:11 PM
9829:41:47102S J Amoroso [SJ Amoroso]CMCosta Mesa, CA10:00 AM03:41 PM
9929:42:07152IguanasOWSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:12 PM
10029:43:06166Seagate Xtreme Drives [Seagate]CMFremont, CA11:30 AM05:13 PM
10129:45:36171Duct Tape & Wd [VIA Rehab Services / SCFD]OMSan Mateo, CA09:00 AM02:45 PM
10229:46:2355This Is A Very Long Beer RunOXFolsom, CA10:00 AM03:46 PM
10329:48:20191Don't Belittle Little ItalyOMSanta Cruz, CA07:00 AM12:48 PM
10429:49:38146John Muir Health [John Muir Health]OXClayton, CA10:30 AM04:19 PM
10529:53:34154Will Run For Sleep and Organs [The Gap]OMSan Bruno, CA09:00 AM02:53 PM
10629:56:3021Our Cheese Is BetterOXMilwaukee, WI12:00 PM05:56 PM
10729:57:08183Hi OctaneOXSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:27 PM
10830:00:3751Underphunded: Run Your Assays OffOXSan Diego, CA08:30 AM02:30 PM
10930:01:30145Google 3 Beatsarcoma Inc. [Google]OWSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:31 PM
11030:01:4356Kretschman's KrewOMRoseville, CA12:00 PM06:01 PM
11130:02:0042JumpstartOMPlaya Vista, CA08:00 AM02:02 PM
11230:02:20223GlobetrottersOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:02 PM
11330:05:56167The Good The Bad And The UglyOMAlameda, CA10:30 AM04:35 PM
11430:13:56184A Couple Runners And The OthersOMCampbell, CA10:30 AM04:43 PM
11530:14:2212124 Sore FeetOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:14 PM
11630:15:34222Woodpilers [Woodland Police Dept.]PMWoodland, CA10:00 AM04:15 PM
11730:16:24175Livermore Whine Oh'sSXLivermore, CA09:30 AM03:46 PM
11830:18:2164Achiever Is In My Top 5 [Stryker Endoscopy]CXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:48 PM
11930:20:39227Indomitable Spirit [Tao Sports]SMDanville, CA09:30 AM03:50 PM
12030:26:23158Fat BastardsOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:56 PM
12130:26:3541Uncommon ThreadsOMSan Clemente, CA07:30 AM01:56 PM
12230:26:4737Lungest MileSMPasadena, CA10:00 AM04:26 PM
12330:29:41155Catie And Annie's Cops 4 [Vacaville Police]PMVacaville, CA10:00 AM04:29 PM
12430:30:55190Google 4 Flying Donuts [Google]CMNew York, NY11:30 AM06:00 PM
12530:32:23168Evolution TrainersOWLos Altos, CA08:30 AM03:02 PM
12630:33:4743Desert SwarmOMNewport Beach, CA10:30 AM05:03 PM
12730:36:16123Focker's WalkersOMSan Jose, CA09:30 AM04:06 PM
12830:38:32177Solarcity [SolarCity]CXfremont, CA08:30 AM03:08 PM
12930:41:49226Steve's Trailer TrashOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:11 PM
13030:42:06231Rock & Run [Graniterock]CMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM03:12 PM
13130:42:29220Purple DynamiteOXSan Jose, CA07:30 AM02:12 PM
13230:42:57174Shell Team Outta Gas [Shell Oil Products]CMAntioch, CA09:30 AM04:12 PM
13330:52:58163Thunder Chickens [Fresh Ideas]OMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM03:52 PM
13430:53:2722Organ-ized BellesSWRacine, WI11:30 AM06:23 PM
13530:55:42159199 .. 36 .. 24 .. 12 [NetApp]CMMountain View, CA09:00 AM03:55 PM
13630:57:07140Gods At Sea, Mortals On Land [US Coast Guard]PXConcord, CA10:00 AM04:57 PM
13730:57:53148In It To Win ItOXSunnyvale, CA09:30 AM04:27 PM
13830:58:3733Tattooed On The Inside [Eagle River Firefighters]CMAvon, CO10:30 AM05:28 PM
13930:59:10136Running Noses [Stanford University ]OXPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM03:29 PM
14031:00:00182Catie And Annie's Cops 2OMfairfield, CA10:30 AM05:30 PM
14131:00:08137Gang Green [EPA]CXAlbany, CA09:30 AM04:30 PM
14231:00:3059Chips And DipsOMKent, WA09:00 AM04:00 PM
14331:05:05105Rum RunnersOMLos Gatos, CA08:30 AM03:35 PM
14431:07:3224Lucas Lilley [Lucas Lilley Inc.]OXWoodland Hills, CA08:30 AM03:37 PM
14531:09:04201Brew Cruizers 2 [Sports Chalet]OXBrentwood, CA11:00 AM06:09 PM
14631:11:53164Faster Than Turtles [Comcast]CMSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:41 PM
14731:12:4872Slow...the New FastOMClovis, CA09:00 AM04:12 PM
14831:13:31235Amateur NightOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM06:13 PM
14931:15:26110Yo...taxiOMFremont, CA09:00 AM04:15 PM
15031:17:13233Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs And Fruit PiesOXBerkeley, CA09:30 AM04:47 PM
15131:17:37153Wake Me When It's My LegOXPalo Alto, CA09:30 AM04:47 PM
15231:19:0367IncrediblesOMLa Crescenta, CA10:00 AM05:19 PM
15331:19:20228Xpresso Xpress [XDx / CardioDx]OMBrisbane, CA10:30 AM05:49 PM
15431:19:214Are We There Yet?OMPortola Valley, CA08:00 AM03:19 PM
15531:21:30156TaxiOXPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM05:51 PM
15631:23:0871Slow Is As Slow DoesOXFresno, CA09:00 AM04:23 PM
15731:23:25130Tenis CalientesOMHayward, CA10:30 AM05:53 PM
15831:24:17199Me MeepOXSan Carlos, CA08:30 AM03:54 PM
15931:28:54103Blista SistasOWMoraga, CA09:00 AM04:28 PM
16031:29:0335Reno eNVyOXReno, NV10:30 AM05:59 PM
16131:31:54230Rock & Roll [Graniterock]CMWatsonville, CA08:30 AM04:01 PM
16231:41:36132Run Forrest RunOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM03:41 PM
16331:43:18202Elephants Rising [Global Passion Ministries]OMNapa, CA09:00 AM04:43 PM
16431:43:24212Literally Running [India Literacy Project]OMLos Altos, CA09:00 AM04:43 PM
16531:46:30193SlowskysOXFresno, CA07:00 AM02:46 PM
16631:47:11118WebtlOMBenicia, CA08:00 AM03:47 PM
16731:50:2670Will Run For Food, Wine & CakeOWSacramento, CA08:30 AM04:20 PM
16831:54:3210912 Flew Over The Cuckoos NestOXMartinez, CA08:30 AM04:24 PM
16931:57:46208AthletaOXPetaluma, CA08:00 AM03:57 PM
17031:58:26218Hard As A Rock [Kaiser Electronics]CMFremont, CA08:00 AM03:58 PM
17132:02:54150Fat Boys Run Club [Hands on Chiropractic]SMPleasanton, CA08:00 AM04:02 PM
17232:02:5760Don't Be LastOXAlhambra, CA08:30 AM04:32 PM
17332:04:06176Better At Running My MouthOXSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM03:34 PM
17432:14:4453V S P Vision Care [V S P]CXRancho Cordova, CA07:30 AM03:44 PM
17532:16:0048No Runner Left BehindOXSacramento, CA07:00 AM03:16 PM
17632:16:0330Waiting For RunsOXDallas, TX08:30 AM04:46 PM
17732:29:08108Fat Kids Always Go For SecondsOXfremont, CA07:30 AM03:59 PM
17832:29:12170Cdm Run [Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc]OMWalnut Creek, CA08:00 AM04:29 PM
17932:42:15214Samosas And Chai [India Literacy Project]OMsanta clara, CA07:30 AM04:12 PM
18032:44:26207199 And CountingOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM06:14 PM
18132:47:43205Short Shorts Drive Us NutsOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM05:47 PM
18232:48:3154Chicks On Chocolate [Ellis Plumbing]MWFolsom, CA08:00 AM04:48 PM
18333:02:0828TrechoOXYorba Linda, CA08:00 AM05:02 PM
18433:03:29192Yahoo OMG Ponies [Yahoo!]OMFremont, CA07:30 AM04:33 PM
18533:03:3763Molasses Man & Raiders Of Lost ToenailsOMglendale, CA07:00 AM04:03 PM
18633:09:22209Athleta 2OXPetaluma, CA08:00 AM05:09 PM
18733:14:5429Slick Shoes Slick ShoesOXIrvine, CA08:30 AM05:44 PM
18833:16:5332Red Swingline [Protiviti, Inc]CMManhattan Beach, CA08:00 AM05:16 PM
18933:21:3762International Used Parts DeptMWKaneohe, HI08:00 AM05:21 PM
19033:24:0157Hart And SoleOMHouston, TX08:00 AM05:24 PM
19133:31:58178Runners With Heart [Urban Sports]OXSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:01 PM
19233:36:253Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:00 AM05:36 PM
19333:37:59181Catie And Annie's CopsOMvacaville, CA07:00 AM04:37 PM
19433:43:56213Reading Writing Running [India Literacy Project]OMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:13 PM
19533:48:01162Slow As MolassesOMCampbell, CA07:30 AM05:18 PM
19633:56:23203Happy FeetOMLivermor, CA07:30 AM05:26 PM
19734:04:1949Magnificent 199 MilersOXChicago, IL07:00 AM05:04 PM
19834:04:57100Speed Kills Slow Down [Hash House Harriers]OMFremont, CA07:00 AM05:04 PM
19934:21:10225Damn Nutty RunnersOXSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM05:21 PM
20034:21:14232Chai Latte [ILP]OMCupertino, CA07:30 AM05:51 PM
20135:51:21172Sfrrc's Mango FeverOWSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM07:21 PM
20278:06:36104Crazy Eyes (199 miles solo)MMSanta Rosa, CA10:30 AM04:36 PM