The Relay 2009 (200 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
121:26:351Google 1 [Google]CMNew York, NY03:00 PM12:26 PM
222:18:35241Chiropractic Racing Team []SMLos Gatos, CA03:00 PM01:18 PM
322:39:04249Juice - Terror In MeatspaceOXKensington, CA03:00 PM01:39 PM
423:00:0012DSE Racing Team [DSE Racing team]OMSausalito, CA03:00 PM02:00 PM
523:19:2318Impalas [Impalas]OWOakalnd, CA03:00 PM02:19 PM
623:57:04105Real Runners Don't Tri [Forward Motion Race Club]OXDanville, CA02:00 PM01:57 PM
723:58:34184Facebook A [Facebook]OMPalo Alto, CA02:00 PM01:58 PM
825:05:58111Fabueleux Americains [Forward Motion Race Club]SXWalnut Creek, CA02:00 PM03:05 PM
925:06:35148911 We Run Code Three [For Ben Thornton]PMCotati, CA02:00 PM03:06 PM
1025:21:51195Sailors With A Running Problem [US Coast Guard]PMDublin, CA02:00 PM03:21 PM
1125:38:23108Ooyala [Ooyala]CMMountain View, CA12:00 PM01:38 PM
1225:41:0316Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA01:00 PM02:41 PM
1326:10:5417Blue Lightning (14th year) [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA01:30 PM03:40 PM
1426:15:1433Beer Near [Hash House Harriers]OMCary, NC01:30 PM03:45 PM
1526:20:03155Lost RunnersOMFoster City, CA01:00 PM03:20 PM
1626:22:51217Sophisticated HulaOMBurlingame, CA01:30 PM03:52 PM
1726:28:4521Fluid Recovery [Fluid Recovery]OXSan Luis Obispo, CA02:00 PM04:28 PM
1826:31:17244Baton Lovers Of West Marin EnvironmentOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM04:01 PM
1926:39:19109Lifesavers [US Coast Guard]PMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM04:09 PM
2026:51:2220Guns Up!OMLa Grange, IL01:30 PM04:21 PM
2126:57:0013Yaktrek [Life Technologies]CMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM03:57 PM
2227:05:45255Lunar DisarmamentOMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM04:35 PM
2327:06:39133Beaufort ForceOMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:06 PM
2427:21:32214Jeans Were A Bad ChoiceOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM02:51 PM
2527:27:19129SuperfeetOXChatsworth, CA10:00 AM01:27 PM
2627:29:43215Tevas Were A Bad ChoiceOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM03:59 PM
2727:30:36160Donor PartyMMMoraga, CA10:00 AM01:30 PM
2827:33:0028Double Marg'sOXPacific Palisades, CA11:30 AM03:03 PM
2927:33:11106ScrappersOMMartinez, CA01:30 PM05:03 PM
3027:33:46223Running From The LawOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:33 PM
3127:34:25159Phast PharmOXMenlo Park, CA01:30 PM05:04 PM
3227:37:38107Larry's Lounge Lizards [Forward Motion Race Club]OXWalnut Creek, CA01:30 PM05:07 PM
3327:38:009Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs [ISPE]OMHalf Moon Bay, CA09:30 AM01:08 PM
3427:38:34127Dolphin South End Runners [DSE]OMPacifica, CA11:30 AM03:08 PM
3527:39:53250Boot Camp RejectsOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:39 PM
3627:43:36226Cardinal ChaosOMAtherton, CA11:00 AM02:43 PM
3727:55:10134Dips Run Club TooOMPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM02:25 PM
3827:58:0050Flaming SnailsOXArroyo Grande, CA12:30 PM04:28 PM
3927:59:51116Petaluma Firefighters [IAFF Local 1415]PMRohnert Park, CA01:30 PM05:29 PM
4028:02:55266Lords Of Grumpy Men [Team Yahoo]CMLos Gatos, CA11:30 AM03:32 PM
4128:03:16103Catie And Annie's Cops 3OMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:03 PM
4228:03:51145Moon Over My HammiesOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:03 PM
4328:05:0637En FuegoOXCardiff, CA12:00 PM04:05 PM
4428:05:18167Sweet:cheeksOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:05 PM
4528:07:07267Cage Free DozenOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM04:37 PM
4628:09:41177Great Eastern Bonerot ExpressOMLima, NY01:00 PM05:09 PM
4728:13:52188Rising Stars [Star One Credit Union]SMSan Jose, CA11:30 AM03:43 PM
4828:15:1119Al-muqattal [Compagno's Deli]OMMonterey, CA01:30 PM05:45 PM
4928:17:19118Ever Forward [DPR Construction, Inc.]CMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:17 PM
5028:18:48166We Got The Runs!OMMonterey, CA02:00 PM06:18 PM
5128:21:1426Bramley's BeachesOMSouth Pasadena, CA12:00 PM04:21 PM
5228:23:3746Strikes And GuttersOMDallas, TX12:30 PM04:53 PM
5328:23:55206Asphalt PiratesOMPleasant Hill, CA01:00 PM05:23 PM
5428:28:15117Go Further, Faster (for Katalina) [NetApp]CMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM05:28 PM
5528:29:13140Flying HubcapsSMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM04:59 PM
5628:30:12158Blazing TurtlesOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:30 PM
5728:30:2044BarbariansOMMarina Del Rey, CA09:00 AM01:30 PM
5828:30:29227Virtu Cru [Virtu Investments]CMKentfield, CA10:30 AM03:00 PM
5928:31:43135Face Has Arrived [The North Face]OXSan Leandro, CA12:00 PM04:31 PM
6028:33:57120TrigangOXSan Mateo, CA11:30 AM04:03 PM
6128:33:59181Tarp: Twelve Aimless Runners PerspiringOXOakland, CA12:30 PM05:03 PM
6228:35:26174Lori's Lusty LadsOMSan Francsico, CA11:00 AM03:35 PM
6328:36:27230Labido BanditosOXWindsor, CA11:30 AM04:06 PM
6428:37:43233Thriller [Triage Consulting SF]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:37 PM
6528:38:09153Pcg Ultra [Public Consulting Group]CMOakland, CA08:30 AM01:08 PM
6628:38:51178Whine And CheeseOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM06:08 PM
6728:40:12259Tramps Like UsOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:40 PM
6828:42:09252WahoozleOXDavis, CA11:30 AM04:12 PM
6928:44:04278Mile High ClubOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM06:44 PM
7028:44:1632Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA10:30 AM03:14 PM
7128:44:40169Google Yourself [Google]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:44 PM
7228:46:20260Cheaper Than TherapySMPetaluma, CA12:30 PM05:16 PM
7328:50:06194Unusual SuspectsSMSanta Rosa, CA12:00 PM04:50 PM
7428:50:3636Suns Of A BeachOXFountain Valley, CA11:30 AM04:20 PM
7528:50:38262Sail Runners [uscg]PMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:20 PM
7628:52:01247Bay Area SnailsOMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM05:22 PM
7728:52:17246Runners AnonymousOMSunnyvale, CA01:00 PM05:52 PM
7828:57:30183Feet Fleet [Facebook]OMMenlo Park, CA11:00 AM03:57 PM
7928:58:47110Spongebob NochanceOMRedwood City, CA10:00 AM02:58 PM
8029:00:22229Solar CityOXOakland, CA10:30 AM03:30 PM
8129:08:34273Running For ChocoloateOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM04:08 PM
8229:11:237Nads (14th year)SXAptos, CA11:00 AM04:11 PM
8329:13:28141Catie And Annie's Cops 4 [Vacaville Police Assoc.]PMVacaville, CA12:30 PM05:43 PM
8429:19:19231Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough [Triage Consulting SF]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:19 PM
8529:20:24143La BambaOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:50 PM
8629:29:01121Dips Run ClubOMRedwood City, CA10:30 AM03:59 PM
8729:29:4735Flying MonkeysOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:59 PM
8829:30:1757Thought It Was A 10kOMAustin, TX11:30 AM05:00 PM
8929:35:5445Buddies, Blisters & BeerSMSan Clemente, CA12:30 PM06:05 PM
9029:36:12277Aromatic Blend [La Dolce Velo]OXSanta Clara, CA10:30 AM04:06 PM
9129:36:51119Mega Narinder [Appirio]OMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM01:06 PM
9229:38:23270Yahoo!, Inc. [Search Pad]CMsunnyvale, CA09:00 AM02:38 PM
9329:40:09182Nice Assets! [GALLINA LLP]OXLafayette, CA11:30 AM05:10 PM
9429:41:16198Shut Up And Run [Kaiser Electronics]CMSaratoga, CA08:30 AM02:11 PM
9529:41:5958Vsp 1 [Vision Service Plan]CXRancho Cordova, CA11:00 AM04:41 PM
9629:42:58240SvrcrazyOXMorgan Hill, CA01:30 PM07:12 PM
9729:44:1215624 Bouncing BoobsOWPalo Alto, CA12:00 PM05:44 PM
9829:46:31154We're Keepin' R's [Touchstone Climbing & Fitness]OXBerkeley, CA01:00 PM06:46 PM
9929:46:5939Touchstone 12 [Touchstone Climbing & Fitness]OMSacramento, CA12:30 PM06:16 PM
10029:47:0727Run Bitch RunOMSeattle, WA12:30 PM06:17 PM
10129:47:1747Kretschman's KrewOMOrangevale, CA08:00 AM01:47 PM
10229:49:09126Funner RunnersOXMountain View, CA10:30 AM04:19 PM
10329:50:32251Who's Watching The Kids? [Willow Glen Track Club]MXSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:20 PM
10429:50:46114Kidney CollectorsOXPortola Valley, CA08:30 AM02:20 PM
10529:51:05186Better Than Random [CardioDx, Inc.]OMPalo Alto, CA10:00 AM03:51 PM
10629:51:12228What Were We Thinking? [Willow Glen Track Club]MXSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:21 PM
10729:51:19245Thunder ThighsOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:51 PM
10829:54:31101SkirtSWSanta Rosa, CA10:00 AM03:54 PM
10929:54:32232Smooth Criminal [Triage Consulting SF]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:54 PM
11029:54:57261ADD [Global Passion Ministries]OMNapa, CA07:30 AM01:24 PM
11129:57:47243Wine To WavesOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:57 PM
11229:58:0010Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs Azer [ISPE]CMEl Dorado Hills, CA09:30 AM03:28 PM
11329:59:21219Google Leftovers [Google]CXCupertino, CA12:00 PM05:59 PM
11430:01:16221Genencor Gold [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA09:00 AM03:01 PM
11530:03:12122We've Got The Runs... Again! [Stryker]OXLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM03:03 PM
11630:04:1641Our Life Your Entertainment [Triage Consulting]CXAtlanta, GA12:00 PM06:04 PM
11730:08:57234Rockin' Runners [Basic Training]OXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM05:08 PM
11830:10:40180Acme Co.OMSan Bruno, CA10:00 AM04:10 PM
11930:12:0334Does This Van Make My Butt Look Big?SWBrooklyn, NY01:30 PM07:42 PM
12030:12:4722Oh To NCOXCary, NC11:00 AM05:12 PM
12130:15:13276Club Dave Joy Of Life [ Joy of Life]OXsonoma, CA09:00 AM03:15 PM
12230:15:47222Genencor Green [Genencor]CMPacifica, CA08:00 AM02:15 PM
12330:17:56199Y R We Runnin?OXSan Jose, CA10:00 AM04:17 PM
12430:18:32179Still Making Strides (sms) [PowerBar/TNT]OMRedwood City, CA08:30 AM02:48 PM
12530:19:28274Yo...taxiOMTracy, CA11:00 AM05:19 PM
12630:20:03191Nothin' Like A Photo FinishOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:50 PM
12730:20:0920912 MonkeysOMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM01:50 PM
12830:20:3353RedrunOMGrand Terrace, CA11:30 AM05:50 PM
12930:20:41211Athleta 1OXPetaluma, CA09:00 AM03:20 PM
13030:23:44193Fat BastardsOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:53 PM
13130:25:38225Catie And Annie's Cops 5 (Estrogen Empire)OWDavis, CA10:00 AM04:25 PM
13230:30:30192Good News BearsOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:00 PM
13330:30:38176That Wasn't A MileOMPetaluma, CA09:00 AM03:30 PM
13430:31:3048Half And HalfOMKent, WA09:00 AM03:31 PM
13530:31:56218Green Go-getters [DPR Construction]CMSanFrancisco, CA01:00 PM07:31 PM
13630:35:4155We Love LASXLong Beach, CA11:00 AM05:35 PM
13730:36:42124Running Noses [Stanford University Otolaryngology]OMPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM03:06 PM
13830:36:44263Obama's Pirates [uscg]PXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:06 PM
13930:41:34144Kidney Collectors 2OXMountain View, CA08:30 AM03:11 PM
14030:45:03151Howfar2tj?OMOakland, CA09:30 AM04:15 PM
14130:47:31253Indomitable Spirit [Tao Sports]OMDanville, CA10:30 AM05:17 PM
14230:50:18165Relay RampagersOXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:20 PM
14330:54:07213CameltoesOXOakland, CA10:30 AM05:24 PM
14431:01:29257Sweet ToothOWSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM04:01 PM
14531:01:33190Triagain Trivascular2 [TriVascular2]CMCloverdale, CA10:30 AM05:31 PM
14631:02:28268TaxiOXPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM05:32 PM
14731:03:4212324 Sore FeetOXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:33 PM
14831:06:07256San Francisco RunnersOXSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM03:36 PM
14931:08:54112Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:30 AM04:38 PM
15031:09:33170Faster By The DozenOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:39 PM
15131:11:11149Rock And Runners [Graniterock]CMCupertino, CA10:00 AM05:11 PM
15231:11:27275Babes Are Back In BlackSWLos Altos, CA10:00 AM05:11 PM
15331:16:26205A Bad Case Of The RunsOXConcord, CA10:00 AM05:16 PM
15431:19:10113Slower Than Turtles, Faster Than DslCMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM07:19 PM
15531:22:16258Oh Hey GuysOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM04:22 PM
15631:24:25161Tblg [Too Busy Lookin' Good!]OXVallejo, CA09:00 AM04:24 PM
15731:25:49210Gang Green [U.S. EPA]OXAlbany, CA11:00 AM06:25 PM
15831:25:5140Pigs In Pursuit [Woodland Police Department]PMSacramento, CA10:00 AM05:25 PM
15931:27:0749Where's Waldo?OXColumbus, OH10:00 AM05:27 PM
16031:28:17238Daddy Long LegsOMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM03:58 PM
16131:29:11236Big Fat Checks [Ebates]OMSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM03:29 PM
16231:30:3124Run Fast, Go SloOXSan Luis Obispo, CA09:00 AM04:30 PM
16331:34:14264Nutz N Boltz [Mountain Hardwear]OXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM05:04 PM
16431:36:57248Escape VelocityOXSan Francsico, CA10:30 AM06:06 PM
16531:41:15235Our Cheeks Are SweeterOXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM03:41 PM
16631:41:5359Vsp 2 [Vision Service Plan]CMRancho Cordova, CA09:30 AM05:11 PM
16731:42:24265SSDUN (Short Shorts Drive Us Nuts)OMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM04:12 PM
16831:47:20138Focker's WalkersOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM03:47 PM
16931:49:02172Catie And Annie's Cops 2 [BDSRA]OMdixon, CA08:30 AM04:19 PM
17031:53:53146Sole SistersOWSanta Cruz, CA10:30 AM06:23 PM
17131:54:13162Duct Tape & Wd [VIA Rehab Services/SCFD]PMSan Mateo, CA10:00 AM05:54 PM
17231:54:24157DabootydontstopOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM06:54 PM
17331:56:15216Samurai SquirrelsOMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM07:26 PM
17431:58:3856Kyo's Got Mojo [Kyocera Wireless]OXSan Diego, CA08:30 AM04:28 PM
17531:59:24220Thunder Chickens [Fresh Ideas]OMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM04:59 PM
17632:03:10239Summit Sloggers [Daniel Gaines Consulting]OXSan Jose, CA10:30 AM06:33 PM
17732:03:20200No Defeat For Da FeetOXCampbell, CA11:00 AM07:03 PM
17832:03:32163Drug RunnersOXMenlo Park, CA09:30 AM05:33 PM
17932:09:03187A-liciousSWSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM05:09 PM
18032:09:2130Your Sport's PunishmentOMYorba Linda, CA08:00 AM04:09 PM
18132:11:07152Pcg OneOXRound Rock, TX09:30 AM05:41 PM
18232:11:1823Got The RunsOMSacramento, CA09:30 AM05:41 PM
18332:12:5154Whine-no MamasSWFolsom, CA09:00 AM05:12 PM
18432:14:07207Dude, Where's My Van? [Pacific-10 Conference]OXWalnut Creek, CA09:00 AM05:14 PM
18532:20:57242Livermore Whine-oh'sSXLivermore, CA08:30 AM04:50 PM
18632:21:2551Go To ElevenOXFort Mill, SC08:00 AM04:21 PM
18732:23:46102WebtlSMBenicia, CA07:30 AM03:53 PM
18832:25:09115Lazy DozenOXBurlingame, CA07:30 AM03:55 PM
18932:25:39139Mario Party 12OXEmeryville, CA10:30 AM06:55 PM
19032:27:06212Athleta 2OMPetaluma, CA09:00 AM05:27 PM
19132:27:46196Chuck’s ObsessionSMSan Jose, CA10:30 AM06:57 PM
19232:32:483Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'am [15th year]OMFremont, CA08:30 AM05:02 PM
19332:35:09142Run Forrest RunOMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM05:05 PM
19432:36:18150Better At Running My MouthOXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM04:36 PM
19532:37:1742ArcadiaOMSacramento, CA08:00 AM04:37 PM
19632:43:518Lungest MileSMPasadena, CA08:00 AM04:43 PM
19732:44:47201Literally Running [India Literacy Project]OMLos Altos, CA08:30 AM05:14 PM
19832:47:2238We Run This TownOWSacramento, CA08:30 AM05:17 PM
19932:49:3929Running With CesarsOMFresno, CA07:30 AM04:19 PM
20032:50:1152The Fast, The Slow, And The PrettyOXFresno, CA09:00 AM05:50 PM
20132:53:4343Pata Go-go Niacs [Patagonia]CXReno, NV09:30 AM06:23 PM
20232:54:31173Dirty DozenOXDanville, CA08:00 AM04:54 PM
20333:03:0425Children of the CornOMMarshall, MI09:30 AM06:33 PM
20433:06:46316 Degrees Of Perspiration 12 Women Of InspirationOWTwin Falls, ID08:00 AM05:06 PM
20533:08:38237Rolling Kegs & Stumbling LegsOMDaly City, CA07:30 AM04:38 PM
20633:11:034Are We There Yet (15th year)OMPortola Valley, CA08:30 AM05:41 PM
20733:11:59204Chai Latte [India Literacy Project]OMCupertino, CA08:00 AM05:11 PM
20833:26:12168Heart And SolesOXSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM04:26 PM
20933:30:10137Fomo Mofo Mamas [Forward Motion Race Club]SWPleasanton, CA09:30 AM07:00 PM
21034:00:19131Mice On A Trampoline [fairfield fire]PMEl Dorado Hills, CA07:30 AM05:30 PM
21134:06:42197Runners With Heart [Galloway San Jose]OXSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:36 PM
21234:12:23100Speed Kills Slow Down [Hash House Harriers]OXFremont, CA07:00 AM05:12 PM
21334:14:56254Slow Runners Move RightOXSacramento, CA08:00 AM06:14 PM
21434:20:24202Samosas & Chai [India Literacy Project]SMFremont, CA07:00 AM05:20 PM
21534:23:45147Runtime ExceptionsOMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:53 PM
21634:24:30272Red BullsOMLa Crescenta, CA07:00 AM05:24 PM
21734:25:12132Smells Like Team SpiritOXMonterey, CA08:30 AM06:55 PM
21834:29:24171Catie And Annie's Cops [BDSRA]OMVacaville, CA07:00 AM05:29 PM
21934:31:02125Fat Boys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]SMPleasanton, CA07:30 AM06:01 PM
22034:35:17175Slow As MolassesOMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM06:05 PM
22134:42:432033rs - Reading Writing Running [ILP]OMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM06:42 PM
22235:52:38185Runmantra - Frch [RunMatra & Farol's RC Homes]OMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM07:22 PM
22335:52:48269V Formation [Project Athena Fundraiser]SWArroyo Grande, CA07:00 AM06:52 PM
22435:59:45208Go TimeOWSan Rafael, CA07:30 AM07:29 PM
22536:13:57104Std'sOXNewark, CA07:00 AM07:13 PM
22636:34:10271Women Seem WickedOWSan Jose, CA07:00 AM07:34 PM
22736:50:55136Wok N RollersOMSan Jose, CA07:00 AM07:50 PM
22847:54:092Team Dean (15th year, 5/1 start) [The North Face]OMRoss, CA05:00 PM04:54 PM