The Relay 2010 (200 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
121:09:591Google1 [Google]CMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM12:09 PM
222:08:2312DSE Racing Team [Dolphin South-End Running Club]OMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM01:08 PM
322:58:09212Sailors With A Running Problem [US Coast Guard]PMPiedmont, CA03:00 PM01:58 PM
423:59:27143Real Runner's Don't Tri [Forward Motion Race Club]OXDanville, CA03:00 PM02:59 PM
524:19:27148911 We Run Code Three [For Ben Thornton]PMCotati, CA03:00 PM03:19 PM
624:22:2058Supa Fly KoalasOMDavis, CA03:00 PM03:22 PM
724:40:28262Stanford Running ClubOMStanford, CA03:00 PM03:40 PM
824:58:34128ScrappersOMMartinez, CA02:00 PM02:58 PM
924:59:3514Yaks [Life Technologies]CMNovato, CA12:00 PM12:59 PM
1025:12:27197NPS Run Club [Naval Postgraduate School Foundation]PMMarina, CA03:00 PM04:12 PM
1125:27:58113Team Type 1OMDelaware, OH02:00 PM03:27 PM
1225:39:2015Blue Lightning 15 [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA02:00 PM03:39 PM
1326:00:1716Devil's Slide Track Club [Sonlight Surfshop]MMPacifica, CA01:00 PM03:00 PM
1426:03:4220Bearded LadiesOWWashington, DC01:00 PM03:03 PM
1526:34:47198Forward Motion ThunderboltsOMSan Ramon, CA02:00 PM04:34 PM
1626:37:0131BootyOXThousand Oaks, CA01:30 PM04:07 PM
1726:43:432236 Dudes With 12 Boobs [Explore California]OXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM03:43 PM
1826:44:34131Dips Run ClubOMPalo Alto, CA02:00 PM04:44 PM
1926:53:22155Lost RunnersOMFoster City, CA02:00 PM04:53 PM
2027:04:0927Whiners 2 Banana Slugs [Hensel Phelps Construction Co.]CMIrvine, CA12:30 PM03:34 PM
2127:04:51252Mile High ClubOXSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM05:04 PM
2227:07:15224Sounded Like FunOXSan Jose, CA01:00 PM04:07 PM
2327:10:4719Better Than Naked [The North Face]CXSan Leandro, CA01:30 PM04:40 PM
2427:11:59146PoopOMPortola Valley, CA10:30 AM01:41 PM
2527:18:0855Dean Who?OMVashon, WA01:30 PM04:48 PM
2627:23:21121Smokers Cough [Hensel Phelps Construction Co.]CMBurlingame, CA01:00 PM04:23 PM
2727:25:10144Sweet:cheeksOMOakland, CA01:30 PM04:55 PM
2827:29:47107Phidippides FallacySMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:29 PM
2927:30:3626924 Lost SolesMMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM04:00 PM
3027:35:01123Yes We Van [Pacific Biosciences]CMMenlo Park, CA12:00 PM03:35 PM
3127:36:3323A TeamOXSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM05:36 PM
3227:37:32115Superfeet TooOXTarzana, CA10:30 AM02:07 PM
3327:37:33114SuperfeetOXTarzana, CA10:30 AM02:07 PM
3427:43:29127Agile Physical TherapyOXRedwood City, CA12:00 PM03:43 PM
3527:43:43200Runners AnonymousSMSunnyvale, CA01:30 PM05:13 PM
3627:45:02125Amb Property AlphaSMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:15 PM
3727:50:33260Yaktrek [Life Technologies]CMSan Jose, CA12:00 PM03:50 PM
3827:54:05104Children Of Neverland RanchOMSan Carlos, CA12:30 PM04:24 PM
3927:56:5356Kind Of Fast Not That FuriousOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:56 PM
4027:59:42156Are You Aaaware? [Medtronic]CMSanta Rosa, CA11:30 AM03:29 PM
4128:00:55116Dolphin South End RunnersOMPacifica, CA11:30 AM03:30 PM
4228:03:36130Donor PartyMMMoraga, CA11:30 AM03:33 PM
4328:05:4837BarbariansOMRedondo Beach, CA09:00 AM01:05 PM
4428:07:16220Positive Splits [Basic Training]OXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:07 PM
4528:09:43211Cahill Athletics [Cahill Contractors]OMSan Bruno, CA02:00 PM06:09 PM
4628:09:49190What's My Age Again [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:09 PM
4728:10:19258Peet's Feet [Kiewit]OMRancho Murieta, CA08:30 AM12:40 PM
4828:13:33232Lifesavers [US Coast Guard]PMPetaluma, CA02:00 PM06:13 PM
4928:17:1035Move Fast Break Stuff [Facebook]OMPalo Alto, CA12:00 PM04:17 PM
5028:22:27254Cage Free DozenOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM05:22 PM
5128:27:45228Unproductive OrgansOXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:27 PM
5228:32:34203Cheaper Than TherapyOMPetaluma, CA01:30 PM06:02 PM
5328:38:35119Go Further, Faster [NetApp, Inc.]CMSan Jose, CA01:30 PM06:08 PM
5428:40:57219Ggrc The Fast And The DeliriousOMOakland, CA01:30 PM06:10 PM
5528:43:08218GGRC Rubber Runners [Golden Gate Run Club]OXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:13 PM
5628:43:16231Trail RatsOMMill Valley, CA02:00 PM06:43 PM
5728:45:2453Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA10:00 AM02:45 PM
5828:47:56106Sponge Bob No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA11:00 AM03:47 PM
5928:48:43164Athletic SolesOMPetaluma, CA12:00 PM04:48 PM
6028:50:11271RandomsOMSan Francisco , CA12:00 PM04:50 PM
6128:51:38216Skilled FeetersonOXPalo Alto, CA01:00 PM05:51 PM
6228:58:18196Organ TrailOMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:28 PM
6328:59:5246All The Way Turnt Up [Triage Consulting]CMAtlanta, GA10:00 AM02:59 PM
6429:00:53215Stanford 7 SigmaOXAtherton, CA11:00 AM04:00 PM
6529:03:10151Runners Do It FasterOXLivermore, CA10:00 AM03:03 PM
6629:05:10140PHDsOMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:35 PM
6729:07:3051Carpe Gluteus [Frontrunners Sacramento]OMSacramento, CA01:30 PM06:37 PM
6829:08:46270Dude Where's My Van?OXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM06:38 PM
6929:11:22226Moon Over My HammiesOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:41 PM
7029:11:37109Catie & Annie's Cops 3OMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM06:41 PM
7129:13:5432Greg James 3000OMpalo alto, CA10:30 AM03:43 PM
7229:14:41182Ice Cream Paint JobsOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:44 PM
7329:15:18149Re:run [Regeneration]OMOakland, CA01:00 PM06:15 PM
7429:15:3542Vancouver 2010OXColumbus, OH11:00 AM04:15 PM
7529:18:1043Rehrig Pacific [RPC]CMPhiladelphia, PA11:00 AM04:18 PM
7629:19:4317224 Bouncing BoobsOWPalo Alto, CA01:30 PM06:49 PM
7729:24:52191When I Come Around [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:24 PM
7829:25:04145Ever Forward [DPR Construction, Inc.]CMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM05:55 PM
7929:29:54161East Bay Run Club Ebrc You LaterOMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:59 PM
8029:31:00162A Corus Line [CardioDx]OMOakland, CA11:00 AM04:31 PM
8129:31:19246Google Leftovers [Google]OXSunnyvale, CA10:30 AM04:01 PM
8229:33:187NadsOXAptos, CA11:00 AM04:33 PM
8329:34:55132Dips Run Club 2OMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM04:34 PM
8429:36:13221Running Of The Bulls MatadorsOXSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM02:06 PM
8529:36:3921GirlsOWRapid City, SD10:30 AM04:06 PM
8629:37:0130JoggermeistersOXFresno, CA08:00 AM01:37 PM
8729:37:3913612 MonkeysOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:37 PM
8829:38:01166CameltoesOMOakland, CA10:00 AM03:38 PM
8929:42:53138Slalom Consulting [Slalom Consulting]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:12 PM
9029:42:58112Tenacious TutusOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:42 PM
9129:44:10192Bad Unknown [OSCCF]OMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM06:14 PM
9229:46:22137TransplantsOMSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:46 PM
9329:46:46204Boot Camp RejectsOMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM06:16 PM
9429:48:1839Bada BingOXBainbridge Island, WA12:00 PM05:48 PM
9529:50:41194Will Run For BeerOMBelmont, CA12:30 PM06:20 PM
9629:51:06189Walk This Way [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:51 PM
9729:53:09227Freshly SqueezedOXSan Mateo, CA10:30 AM04:23 PM
9829:53:42170Lo Lu LaOMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM04:53 PM
9929:55:45124Flying HubcapsSMMenlo Park, CA11:30 AM05:25 PM
10029:56:0649Team Dean Minus Dean Plus 12OXFort Mill, SC10:30 AM04:26 PM
10129:58:35201SsdunitosOMSan Jose, CA11:00 AM04:58 PM
10229:59:02250Beastbook [Facebook]OXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM06:29 PM
10330:00:58208Getting RelayedOXMill Valley, CA12:00 PM06:00 PM
10430:02:43122Svrcrazy [South Valley Running Club]OXMorgan Hill, CA10:00 AM04:02 PM
10530:03:48217Runner's Gene [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA11:00 AM05:03 PM
10630:04:35118Drink ColeSXOrinda, CA09:00 AM03:04 PM
10730:06:07268Google Yourself [Google]CXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM05:06 PM
10830:07:37195Pack Of Eels And ClamsOMVallejo, CA12:30 PM06:37 PM
10930:09:1038New Earth Market [New Earth Market]MMYuba City , CA01:30 PM07:39 PM
11030:10:48168Weekend WarriorsSMSanta Rosa, CA11:00 AM05:10 PM
11130:11:04117Oops I Crapped My PantsOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM06:41 PM
11230:16:47222Running Of The Bulls TorosOXSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM02:46 PM
11330:21:01188LemonOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM06:21 PM
11430:22:09210Running AddictsOMsan jose, CA10:30 AM04:52 PM
11530:24:17160Club Dave VinerunnersSXsonoma, CA11:30 AM05:54 PM
11630:24:27147Fat BastardsOMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM02:54 PM
11730:26:50259Cool Running [Fresh Ideas]OXLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM03:26 PM
11830:29:13167Pie A La Road [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM04:59 PM
11930:29:34153Aromatic Blend [La Dolce Velo]OMSanta Clara, CA07:30 AM01:59 PM
12030:30:1054Impacting SolesOMKent, WA10:00 AM04:30 PM
12130:33:1128Vertical SmilesOXAuburn, CA11:30 AM06:03 PM
12230:33:14174Appirio Blue [Appirio]CMAtlanta, GA09:00 AM03:33 PM
12330:34:00135DNROMMountain View, CA09:00 AM03:34 PM
12430:37:00142Heart And Soles 2OMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM03:07 PM
12530:38:16256Will Run For ChocolateSWLos Altos, CA09:30 AM04:08 PM
12630:41:174Are We There Yet?OMMenlo Park, CA09:30 AM04:11 PM
12730:41:40244Athleta 1OXPetaluma, CA09:30 AM04:11 PM
12830:43:10111Rice NinjasOXSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:43 PM
12930:44:08133I T My Band Do You Plantar Your FasciaSXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM05:14 PM
13030:45:36180Catie & Annie's Cops 4 [Vacaville PD]PMVacaville, CA11:00 AM05:45 PM
13130:46:00261Shin SplintsOXSan Rafael, CA11:30 AM06:16 PM
13230:52:10185Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs [ISPE]OMHalf Moon Bay, CA09:30 AM04:22 PM
13330:53:14214That's What She SaidOXPleasant Hill, CA11:30 AM06:23 PM
13430:55:06152Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:00 AM03:55 PM
13530:56:29264Livermore Whine Oh'sSXLivermore, CA11:00 AM05:56 PM
13630:58:5741Pigs In Pursuit [Woodland Police Dept]PMWoodland, CA10:00 AM04:58 PM
13731:00:13230Ya Do Yer BitOMPetaluma, CA09:30 AM04:30 PM
13831:01:01199Rock And RunnersOMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM04:01 PM
13931:02:49183Life Yogatic With Mark ZissouOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM06:32 PM
14031:06:06175Xdxpress [XDx]CMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:36 PM
14131:08:3640Sole Sista'sMWFair Oaks, CA09:00 AM04:08 PM
14231:09:24242SkirtOWSanta Rosa, CA09:00 AM04:09 PM
14331:22:28248Left Right RepeatOXYorba Linda, CA08:30 AM03:52 PM
14431:26:2522Dakota DivasSWRapid City, SD09:00 AM04:26 PM
14531:30:39134Samurai Squirrels [Summit Prep]OMSan Mateo, CA08:00 AM03:30 PM
14631:36:1529Run4zenSMSacramento, CA10:30 AM06:06 PM
14731:37:29206Catie & Annie's Cops 2OMfairfield, CA07:00 AM02:37 PM
14831:39:43181Catie & Annie's Cops 5 Girls Rule Boys DroolOWVacaville, CA09:30 AM05:09 PM
14931:39:56150Yo TaxiOMSanta Clara, CA09:30 AM05:09 PM
15031:40:58229Tc Won't QuitOXBerkeley, CA08:00 AM03:40 PM
15131:42:35169Xfinity Powered By Comcast [Comcast]OMSan Franciscso, CA07:30 AM03:12 PM
15231:43:09267CraziesOXBerkeley, CA10:00 AM05:43 PM
15331:48:0017812 Cheeks Arrivin [TriVascular, Inc.]CMSanta Rosa, CA10:30 AM06:18 PM
15431:50:01209Happy FeetOMCupertino, CA08:30 AM04:20 PM
15531:56:49255We've Got The RunsOMEast Palo Alto, CA11:30 AM07:26 PM
15631:56:53233Nutz N Boltz [Mountain Hardwear]CXRichmond, CA09:00 AM04:56 PM
15731:57:1045Babes And BrutesOXArroyo Grande, CA10:00 AM05:57 PM
15831:57:2015924 Sore FeetOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM05:27 PM
15931:57:34186Yogging It's Supposed To Be WildOXSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM03:27 PM
16031:59:20110Mario Party 12OXEmeryville, CA09:30 AM05:29 PM
16131:59:5852Donner Party Of 12OXTruckee, CA08:30 AM04:29 PM
16232:02:41165Black HorseOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM05:32 PM
16332:04:40187Brew CruizersSXBrentwood, CA10:00 AM06:04 PM
16432:15:13213Concord Heat [Concord Police]PMConcord, CA10:30 AM06:45 PM
16532:16:5933Start Slowly Then Taper OffOWPlacerville, CA09:00 AM05:16 PM
16632:19:07225Fancy FootworkOXEl Sobrante, CA08:30 AM04:49 PM
16732:20:26171Gully Creepers []CMOakland, CA07:00 AM03:20 PM
16832:24:03129Gang Green [EPA]CXAlbany, CA11:00 AM07:24 PM
16932:28:063Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:00 AM04:28 PM
17032:33:43179Self Torturing DumbassesOXNewark, CA09:00 AM05:33 PM
17132:36:07100Weapons Of Ass DestructionOMFremont, CA10:00 AM06:36 PM
17232:41:45266Buns Of Steel Abs Of ClayOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM06:11 PM
17332:44:12243MishmashOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM06:14 PM
17432:45:2917712 Cheeks A Runnin [TriVascular, Inc.]CMSanta Rosa, CA10:30 AM07:15 PM
17532:50:26173Appirio [Appirio]OMRedwood City, CA08:00 AM04:50 PM
17632:58:24163We Run ThisOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM06:28 PM
17732:59:49263Cougar TownOWCampbell, CA08:00 AM04:59 PM
17833:03:26234Rising Stars [Star One Credit Union]OXSan Jose, CA08:30 AM05:33 PM
17933:07:53158TBLG (Too Busy Looking Good)OXVallejo, CA09:30 AM06:37 PM
18033:12:1548Meridian Rockstars [Meridian Systems]CXPenryn, CA08:00 AM05:12 PM
18133:13:00245Athleta 2OXPetaluma, CA07:30 AM04:43 PM
18233:13:0844WickedOXMorgan Hill, CA07:30 AM04:43 PM
18333:13:17103Speed Kills Slow DownOXFremont, CA08:00 AM05:13 PM
18433:22:45184Sole SistersSWSanta Clara, CA08:30 AM05:52 PM
18533:26:04193First To Be LastOXAngwin, CA08:00 AM05:26 PM
18633:30:10249Duct Tape & Wd [santa clara fire / via]PMSan Mateo, CA10:30 AM08:00 PM
18733:35:0634Fast Upper Pacer AthletesOMSacramento, CA08:30 AM06:05 PM
18833:38:40126Run Like ButterOXSan Jose, CA09:30 AM07:08 PM
18933:39:39154SomarunnersOXCastro Valley, CA10:00 AM07:39 PM
19033:39:52235ILP 2 Who's Idea Was This [ India Literacy Project]OMSanta Clara, CA07:30 AM05:09 PM
19133:49:20176Global Reach Reserve Runners [USAF, Travis AFB]PMVacaville, CA08:00 AM05:49 PM
19234:04:46253Hss FremontOXNewark, CA08:00 AM06:04 PM
19334:05:03102Nom On The Run [NoM]OMSan Jose, CA07:00 AM05:05 PM
19434:09:05205Catie & Annie's CopsOMvacaville, CA07:00 AM05:09 PM
19534:13:01257You Can Run But You Can't Hide [Life Technologies]OXDaly City, CA09:00 AM07:13 PM
19634:18:21139Drug RunnersOMMenlo Park, CA08:00 AM06:18 PM
19734:23:27240ILP 7 Run For Their Life [India Literacy Project]OMSunnyvale, CA07:30 AM05:53 PM
19834:27:49238ILP 5 Samosas And Chai [India Literacy Project]OMFremont, CA07:30 AM05:57 PM
19934:28:1017Running Feat (solo, 4/30 start)SMPalo Alto, CA06:00 AM04:28 PM
20034:32:4725DooshayOMChicago, IL07:00 AM05:32 PM
20134:37:14251RunmantraOXSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM06:07 PM
20234:48:57241Rabid BunniesOXsan francisco, CA08:30 AM07:18 PM
20334:57:08157Fat Boys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]OXPleasanton, CA08:00 AM06:57 PM
20435:11:36108WebtlMMBenicia, CA07:30 AM06:41 PM
20535:16:30239ILP 6 Reading Writing And Running [India Literacy Project]OMSunnyvale, CA07:30 AM06:46 PM
20635:21:10236ILP 3 Literally Running [India Literacy Project]OMLos Altos, CA08:30 AM07:51 PM
20735:26:59202Slow As MolassesOMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM07:26 PM
20835:40:04141Heart And SolesOMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM06:40 PM
20936:02:45237ILP 4 Chai Latte [India Literacy Project]OMCupertino, CA07:30 AM07:32 PM
21036:04:5426Eat Blog RunOWAmerican Fork, UT07:00 AM07:04 PM
21136:20:4136Running For The Health Of It [Kaiser Permanente]CXFair Oaks, CA07:00 AM07:20 PM
21245:52:2347Crystal Head (2 person team)OXAmagansett, NY05:00 PM02:52 PM