The Relay 2011 (194 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
119:39:15135Project MayhemOMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM10:39 AM
219:54:422DSE Racing Team [Dolphin South End Run Club]OMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM10:54 AM
320:00:291Google1 [Google]CMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM11:00 AM
420:19:05181Ooyala [Ooyala]CMMountain View , CA03:00 PM11:19 AM
521:27:2911Stanford Running ClubOMStanford, CA03:00 PM12:27 PM
621:28:27148911 We Run Code Three [BEN THORNTON]PMCotati, CA03:00 PM12:28 PM
722:11:2310Sailors With A Running Problem [US Coast Guard]PMPiedmont, CA03:00 PM01:11 PM
822:48:19143Original ScrappersOMMartinez, CA03:00 PM01:48 PM
923:08:1114Devil's Slide Track Club [DSE Runners]MMPacifica, CA01:30 PM12:38 PM
1023:12:24150Crash Test Dummies [Facebook]OMPalo Alto, CA03:00 PM02:12 PM
1123:43:3515Yaks [Life Technologies]CMNovato, CA12:30 PM12:13 PM
1224:13:5316Blue Lightning 16 [IBM Running Club]OMSan Jose, CA02:00 PM02:13 PM
1324:25:45231San Francisco SlackersOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM02:25 PM
1424:44:2851Fast FriendsOXNew York, NY02:00 PM02:44 PM
1524:52:1726Google? We Use ExciteOMLos Angeles, CA01:30 PM02:22 PM
1624:59:44264San Francisco Front RunnersOMSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM02:59 PM
1725:19:55279WinningOMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM02:49 PM
1825:25:0830Winers To Banana Slugs [Hensel Phelps Construction]CMIrvine, CA12:30 PM01:55 PM
1925:33:21136DSE Killer B's [DSE Runners]OMPacifica, CA11:30 AM01:03 PM
2025:37:19263Mile High ClubOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:07 PM
2125:41:11280WatkuOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:11 PM
2225:52:59238Blackrock [Blackrock]CMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:22 PM
2325:59:46234Sheesh KabobsOXBerkeley, CA02:00 PM03:59 PM
2426:03:44213GrindOXSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM04:03 PM
2526:06:58224Donor PartyMMOrinda, CA12:00 PM02:06 PM
2626:15:20116VinerunnersOXNapa, CA01:00 PM03:15 PM
2726:18:55137Palantir [Palantir Technologies]CXPalo Alto, CA02:00 PM04:18 PM
2826:19:12274Cage Free DozenOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM02:49 PM
2926:22:17232Harder Better Faster StrongerOMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM03:52 PM
3026:26:47275Rodeo Clowns [USCG Medical]PMSanta Rosa, CA01:00 PM03:26 PM
3126:28:22120Agile/Excel Physical TherapyOXRedwood City, CA12:00 PM02:28 PM
3226:31:04201Animal Style Extra Saucy [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM04:01 PM
3326:32:4437A TeamOXNew York , NY02:00 PM04:32 PM
3426:32:44177Rum RunnersOXCampbell, CA12:30 PM03:02 PM
3526:38:27180Are You Aaaware? [Medtronic]CMSanta Rosa, CA11:00 AM01:38 PM
3626:39:30139Dude, Where's My Van?OMSan Mateo, CA01:30 PM04:09 PM
3726:40:37165Sf GladiatorsOXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM02:10 PM
3826:41:04230Sudden CrusadeOMTokyo, Japan, CA01:00 PM03:41 PM
3926:42:19268Genentech Cure Vs Pulmozyme [Genentech/GAP]OMVacaville, CA10:00 AM12:42 PM
4026:45:1529Rusted Steel SpringsOMFolsom, CA02:00 PM04:45 PM
4126:46:12225Yahoo! [Yahoo!]CMSunnyvale, CA01:00 PM03:46 PM
4226:46:1823Vertical SmilesSXAuburn, CA10:30 AM01:16 PM
4326:50:27121SuperfeetSXTarzana, CA10:30 AM01:20 PM
4426:50:30122Superfeet TooOXTarzana, CA10:30 AM01:20 PM
4526:50:46273I Love Ma Relay [Marin Academy]OXSan Anselmo, CA02:00 PM04:50 PM
4626:54:56159Terra Linda's Relay TeamOXPetaluma, CA11:30 AM02:24 PM
4726:55:03247Ice Cream Paint JobsOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM12:55 PM
4826:56:58202Double Double Protein Style [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM04:26 PM
4926:57:57265Chasing Booty []OXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM01:57 PM
5026:59:5027Uncle Wally's Hiking ClubOMHighland, CA11:00 AM01:59 PM
5127:01:22199Trail RatsSMMill Valley, CA12:00 PM03:01 PM
5227:04:35134What Happens In The Van, Stays In The VanOXLivermore, CA11:00 AM02:04 PM
5327:05:31203Grilled Cheese Double Veggies [Triage]CXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM04:35 PM
5427:08:20187Yaktrek [Life Technologies]CMCameron Park, CA12:30 PM03:38 PM
5527:09:4749Let The Beat Build [Triage]CMAtlanta, GA01:00 PM04:09 PM
5627:12:05197Breath SaversOXAlbany, CA12:30 PM03:42 PM
5727:17:5634Shark Attack [Facebook]OMPalo Alto, CA12:30 PM03:47 PM
5827:20:5114612 MonkeysOMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM03:50 PM
5927:21:19133Cheaper Than Therapy [Zumfoot]OMPetaluma, CA10:30 AM01:51 PM
6027:23:55200Runners AnonymousSMSunnyvale, CA01:00 PM04:23 PM
6127:26:27104Shear StudsOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:26 PM
6227:29:19211Aud Men Out [Audience Inc.]CMCastro Valley, CA12:00 PM03:29 PM
6327:30:48168Netapp - Blue [NetApp]CMSan Jose, CA11:30 AM03:00 PM
6427:31:209North FaceOXSan Leandro, CA11:00 AM02:31 PM
6527:31:32217We've Got The RunsOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM03:31 PM
6627:31:4253Webee Fun [Team Yahoo]OMLos Gatos, CA12:30 PM04:01 PM
6727:35:256Sponge Bob No ChanceOMRedwood City, CA10:30 AM02:05 PM
6827:35:59130Cahill AthleticsOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM01:05 PM
6927:36:18248Dexy's Midnight Relay Runners [none]OMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM04:36 PM
7027:39:26169Netapp - White [NetApp]CMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:09 PM
7127:40:0933Poop Runs OnOMBrooklyn, NY09:00 AM12:40 PM
7227:40:09184Genencor Blue [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM02:10 PM
7327:43:38241Gilead [Gilead Sciences]CXSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM05:43 PM
7427:45:30178Living In A Van Down By The RiverOMPalo Alto, CA01:00 PM04:45 PM
7527:48:19155Chafing In All The Wrong PlacesOMRedwood Ctiy, CA10:30 AM02:18 PM
7627:49:06156Flying HubcapsSXMenlo Park, CA01:00 PM04:49 PM
7727:50:08162Ever Forward [DPR Construction]CMSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM04:20 PM
7827:50:58126Google Yourself [Google]CXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:50 PM
7927:51:15269Cracked PeppersOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM04:51 PM
8027:53:1047Touch My Monkey / Flaming SnailsOMArroyo Grande, CA10:30 AM02:23 PM
8127:57:5425Rightscale [RightScale]CMSanta Barbara, CA11:30 AM03:27 PM
8227:58:05240Eats, Sh'ts And RunsOMBerkeley, CA12:30 PM04:28 PM
8328:00:2820411 People Are WaitingOMpetaluma, CA10:00 AM02:00 PM
8428:03:02191Tensilica [Tensilica, Inc.]SMLos Altos, CA11:00 AM03:03 PM
8528:04:05215Moon Over My HammiesOMOakland, CA12:00 PM04:04 PM
8628:04:11277TransplantsOMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:04 PM
8728:06:07175Petaluma Firefighters [Local 1415]PMRohnert Park, CA12:30 PM04:36 PM
8828:08:48176Lifeguards: Run, Don't WalkOXSan Francisco , CA11:00 AM03:08 PM
8928:09:04112Rice NinjasSXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:09 PM
9028:10:00266Nutz N Boltz [Mountain Hardwear]OMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM03:10 PM
9128:10:13222Golden Gate Run Club: Puke And RelayOXSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:10 PM
9228:10:54164A Corus Line 2.0 [CardioDx]OMPalo Alto, CA12:30 PM04:40 PM
9328:15:5821Proud Bird RunnersSXSea Girt, NJ12:00 PM04:15 PM
9428:18:17114Blood, Sweat And BeersOXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM04:48 PM
9528:20:34106Catie & Annie's Cops 3 [Mill Valley Police]OMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM01:50 PM
9628:21:10119Ssdun (short Shorts Drive Us Nuts)OMOakland, CA12:00 PM04:21 PM
9728:21:1135BarbariansOMRedondo Beach, CA09:00 AM01:21 PM
9828:21:32233BulldogsOMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM12:51 PM
9928:25:00270Peet's Feet [Kiewit]CXFairfield, CA08:00 AM12:25 PM
10028:27:28219Yes We Van [Pacific Biosciences]CMMenlo Park, CA12:00 PM04:27 PM
10128:28:3236Impacting SolesSMKent, WA12:00 PM04:28 PM
10228:29:37144Tenacious TutusOMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM12:59 PM
10328:33:59256If You Build It, We Will RunOMBurbank, CA10:30 AM03:03 PM
10428:34:20166Crab Rash M...fmlOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM02:34 PM
10528:36:00160Gang Green [EPA]CXCA, CA08:00 AM12:36 PM
10628:39:02205ChineryOMSanta Cruz, CA10:00 AM02:39 PM
10728:43:03183Swatt (Sprinters Walkers And Trash Talkers)OXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:13 PM
10828:43:4719024 Bouncing BoobsOWPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM03:13 PM
10928:47:43235Running AlotsOMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:17 PM
11028:51:04149Thunder ChickensOMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM01:51 PM
11128:57:23118New Kidneys On The BlockOMOakland, CA11:30 AM04:27 PM
11228:57:50151Slalom - Race To Win [Slalom Consulting]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:27 PM
11328:57:51123Svrcrazy [South Valley Running Club]SXMorgan Hill, CA10:00 AM02:57 PM
11428:58:13196Aromatic BlendSMSanta Clara, CA08:30 AM01:28 PM
11529:00:20249C12 Energy [C12 Energy]CXBerkeley, CA11:30 AM04:30 PM
11629:05:1944Well Hung OverOMFresno, CA09:30 AM02:35 PM
11729:05:54216Drunning RunksOXSt. Helena, CA12:30 PM05:35 PM
11829:08:50185Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:30 AM02:38 PM
11929:11:08193Appirio Gray [Appirio]CMSan Mateo , CA12:00 PM05:11 PM
12029:14:34228Get WeirdOXOakland, CA10:00 AM03:14 PM
12129:15:57236Edge RunnersOMCastro Valley, CA09:00 AM02:15 PM
12229:16:18103Weapons Of Ass Destruction 2OMFremont, CA09:00 AM02:16 PM
12329:17:164Sms Are We There Yet? [PowerBar/Jacuzzi]OMSan Carlos, CA11:30 AM04:47 PM
12429:31:207NadsSXAptos, CA11:00 AM04:31 PM
12529:36:24195Genencor Orange [Genencor]CXPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM04:06 PM
12629:38:3015324 Sore FeetOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM03:38 PM
12729:39:17237Running A MuckOMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM02:09 PM
12829:40:23110Betts Recruiting [Betts Recruiting]CXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM05:10 PM
12929:45:11221Repeat OffendersOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:15 PM
13029:45:43208Slow And DangerousOMMountain View, CA12:00 PM05:45 PM
13129:45:5250New Earth Market [New Earth Market]CMYuba City, CA07:00 AM12:45 PM
13229:46:30170PT Band Of RunnersOXSan Bruno, CA10:00 AM03:46 PM
13329:47:0846Team Dean Minus Dean Plus 12OXFort Mill, SC10:30 AM04:17 PM
13429:47:10115We've Still Got The Runs [Stryker Endoscopy]OXMorgan Hill, CA09:00 AM02:47 PM
13529:48:16140Self Torturing Dumbasses - Team StdOXNewark, CA10:00 AM03:48 PM
13629:48:50179Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs [ISPE SF/ Bay Area]OMSacramento, CA11:00 AM04:48 PM
13729:49:00250JerroldOMMountain View, CA08:00 AM01:49 PM
13829:51:5124RedrunOMCorona, CA10:30 AM04:21 PM
13929:54:02239Samurai SquirrelsOMSan Mateo, CA08:30 AM02:24 PM
14029:54:51210Running Ovations [TriVascular, Inc.]CMSanta Rosa, CA08:00 AM01:54 PM
14129:58:09111Re:runOMOakland, CA11:30 AM05:28 PM
14230:05:20214Better At Running My MouthOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:35 PM
14330:08:12229IntaxicationOMPalo Alto, CA10:00 AM04:08 PM
14430:08:2548L083 Team BejarOXHanford, CA11:00 AM05:08 PM
14530:10:0142Run Like A CorgiOXSacramento, CA09:30 AM03:40 PM
14630:10:21194Genencor Mauve [Genencor]CMPalo Alto, CA10:30 AM04:40 PM
14730:11:535212 Women 199 Miles StrongOWEl Dorado Hills, CA11:00 AM05:11 PM
14830:12:11167Run Fob RunSMOakland, CA09:30 AM03:42 PM
14930:12:52109Mario Party 12OXEmeryville, CA09:00 AM03:12 PM
15030:13:01267Sleepless In Santa CruzOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM03:13 PM
15130:15:18161Focker's WalkersOMSan Jose, CA09:30 AM03:45 PM
15230:16:47212Concord Heat [Concord PD]PXConcord, CA08:30 AM02:46 PM
15330:16:4839Dirty DozenOWSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM02:16 PM
15430:17:19251Athleta 1OXPetaluma, CA09:00 AM03:17 PM
15530:19:3154Reel Quick [US Coast uard Sector San Francisco]PXSan Leandro, CA10:30 AM04:49 PM
15630:20:10145Shin SplintsOXSan Rafael, CA11:00 AM05:20 PM
15730:21:56127Here For The BeerOMSF, CA08:30 AM02:51 PM
15830:23:49105Scrappers [Sims Metal Management]OMSan Jose, CA11:00 AM05:23 PM
15930:25:55152Slalom - The Compass [Slalom Consulting]CXNovato, CA11:30 AM05:55 PM
16030:26:3741Lab RatsOXWoodland, CA08:30 AM02:56 PM
16130:29:55100AwesomeOXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM04:29 PM
16230:31:0432Slow Motion To The Ocean [Stockton PD]PMCopperopolis, CA09:30 AM04:01 PM
16330:31:35125Fat BastardsOXAlameda, CA09:00 AM03:31 PM
16430:34:43138Yo...taxiOMSanta Clara, CA09:00 AM03:34 PM
16530:40:24132Catie & Annie's Cops 2OMFairfield, CA09:00 AM03:40 PM
16630:42:42271We Run This [none]OMSan Francisco, CA07:30 AM02:12 PM
16730:45:48242Runs [Samuel Merritt university ]OXSan Carlos, CA12:00 PM06:45 PM
16830:52:50189Livermore Whine Oh'sSXLivermore, CA08:00 AM02:52 PM
16930:54:5540Meridian Rockstars [Meridian Systems]CXPenryn, CA09:00 AM03:54 PM
17030:56:07163Runoplasty [Mehta Plastic Surgery]OMAtherton, CA08:00 AM02:56 PM
17130:56:29157Rock And Runners [Granite Rock Company]OMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM03:56 PM
17230:56:403Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:00 AM02:56 PM
17330:57:08245Megawatts [EPRI]CMPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM03:27 PM
17431:03:28227Whiz ZenOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM03:03 PM
17531:04:52220Donner... Party Of 12OXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM04:34 PM
17631:06:35129Control FreqsOMJacksonville, FL10:30 AM05:36 PM
17731:07:55253Athleta 3OXPetaluma, CA10:00 AM05:07 PM
17831:08:5738Pigs In Pursuit [Woodland Police Department]PMWoodland, CA09:30 AM04:38 PM
17931:11:01158DSE Spirit [DSE Runners]OXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM03:11 PM
18031:12:052267 In One, Half Of 14 In The OtherOWCampbell, CA08:00 AM03:12 PM
18131:13:12154Duct Tape And Wd-40 [SCFD]OMSanta Clara, CA10:00 AM05:13 PM
18231:14:5731Sole Sista'sMWFair Oaks, CA10:00 AM05:14 PM
18331:15:11246Cours ToujoursOMCampbell, CA11:30 AM06:45 PM
18431:18:57128Cougar TownOWCampbell, CA07:30 AM02:48 PM
18531:19:40107IbuprofenOMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM03:49 PM
18631:21:01174Rabid BunniesOXsan francisco, CA08:30 AM03:51 PM
18731:21:33173Catie & Annie's Cops 4 [Vacaville Police Assoc.]PXVacaville, CA08:00 AM03:21 PM
18831:23:11131Catie & Annie's Cops 1OMFairfield, CA08:00 AM03:23 PM
18931:24:21209Barely Standing Ovation [TriVascular, Inc.]CMSanta Rosa, CA08:30 AM03:54 PM
19031:29:41117Chiles Y Chi Chi's [Core Power Services]OMFremont, CA09:00 AM04:29 PM
19131:30:01147WEBTLMMBenicia, CA07:00 AM02:30 PM
19231:30:23244Magic's ManiacsOXRichmond, CA08:00 AM03:30 PM
19331:38:1020Left IV DeadOMSparks, NV09:30 AM05:08 PM
19431:46:54278Club DaveOXsonoma, CA08:00 AM03:46 PM
19531:47:25188Twelve Nines Of Uptime [MobiTV Inc.]CMLafayette, CA07:00 AM02:47 PM
19631:50:49218Omg... Super CuteOXBelmont, CA07:30 AM03:20 PM
19731:51:01252Athleta 2OXPetaluma, CA10:00 AM05:51 PM
19831:52:31259ILP Run 4 Their Life [ILP]OMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM04:22 PM
19931:56:10260ILP Chai Latte [India Literacy Project]OMCupertino, CA07:30 AM03:26 PM
20032:03:21258ILP Samosas And Chai [ILP]OMFremont, CA08:30 AM04:33 PM
20132:06:2419BarunnersOXFremont, CA09:30 AM05:36 PM
20232:07:28207Happy Feet [MobiTV Inc.]CMEmeryville, CA07:00 AM03:07 PM
20332:11:29182Ooyala 2 [Ooyala]OMMountain View, CA10:30 AM06:41 PM
20432:28:08171Trans Fatty AssesOXSan Jose, CA08:00 AM04:28 PM
20532:28:1222Data DrivenOXWorthington, OH07:00 AM03:28 PM
20632:31:42108Everest Snow Leopards [Everest High School]OMSan Jose, CA07:00 AM03:31 PM
20732:35:56186First To Be LastOMAngwin, CA07:30 AM04:05 PM
20832:36:34141Silence Of The VansOXSan Anselmo, CA09:30 AM06:06 PM
20932:36:47255Montclaire 2OWLos Altos, CA07:30 AM04:06 PM
21032:42:46243SlugsOXBoulder Creek, CA07:30 AM04:12 PM
21132:45:07124Nom On The Run [Southbay Nation of Men]OMCapitola, CA07:30 AM04:15 PM
21232:47:21223At A Medium PaceOXLivermore, CA07:30 AM04:17 PM
21332:49:52206Mis-fitsOXSanta Cruz, CA07:00 AM03:49 PM
21432:53:0345That's What She SaidOXSacramento, CA07:30 AM04:23 PM
21532:57:38142Heart And SolesOMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM03:57 PM
21632:58:0028Elks In A Running Zone [Running Zone]OMElk Grove, CA08:00 AM04:58 PM
21733:00:47254Montclaire 1OXLos Altos, CA07:30 AM04:30 PM
21833:02:02261Ilp Who's Bright Idea Was This? [ILP]OMCupertino, CA08:30 AM05:32 PM
21933:13:09192Appirio Blue [Appirio]CMSan Mateo, CA07:30 AM04:43 PM
22033:17:32172WickedOXMorgan Hill, CA07:00 AM04:17 PM
22133:38:44257ILP Reading Writing And Running [ILP]OMSunnyvale, CA07:30 AM05:08 PM
22233:47:42113Fat Boys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]OXPleasanton, CA07:00 AM04:47 PM
22333:57:2643Young's Payless IGAOMValley Springs, CA08:30 AM06:27 PM
22434:10:57272Eye Donor Where Eye've Been [VSP]CXRancho Cordova, CA07:00 AM05:10 PM
22535:18:30262ILP Literally Running [ILP]OMMountain View, CA07:30 AM06:48 PM
22650:26:57198Sushi Sake (2 runners) OXSan Francisco, CA03:30 PM05:56 PM