Golden Gate Relay 2014 (191 miles) Results


PlaceTimeBib#TeamDivCity, StateStartFinish
118:20:141Google1 [Google]CMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM09:20 AM
218:36:362DSE Racing [DSE]OMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM09:36 AM
319:08:1411Stanford Running ClubOMStanford, CA03:00 PM10:08 AM
420:21:50153Google Too [Google]OMLos Altos, CA03:00 PM11:21 AM
521:16:14124DSE Walt Stack's Dirty Old Men [DSE]MMSan Francisco, CA03:00 PM12:16 PM
622:14:31103Blackrock [Blackrock]CMSan Mateo, CA03:00 PM01:14 PM
722:29:43148911 We Run Code Three [For Ben Thornton]PMPetaluma, CA03:00 PM01:29 PM
822:45:47133Rollin' With My Foamies [SFRRC]OXSan Francisco, CA02:00 PM12:45 PM
923:09:0512Metta World Tree [Stanford Running Club]OMStanford, CA03:00 PM02:09 PM
1023:09:06136Netflix 1 [Netflix, Inc]CMSanta Clara, CA02:00 PM01:09 PM
1123:15:46177Yaks [Thermo Fisher Scientific]CMBurlingame, CA12:00 PM11:15 AM
1223:33:57158Boutros Boutros Boutros GhaliOXSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM01:03 PM
1323:52:28251Palantir 1 [Palantir Technologies]CXPalo Alto, CA02:00 PM01:52 PM
1423:56:0640Mountain Hardwear [Mountain Hardwear]CXRichmond, CA11:30 AM11:26 AM
1524:04:28176ChineryOMSanta Cruz, CA01:00 PM01:04 PM
1624:10:53147Victorious SecretOXGrass Valley, CA01:30 PM01:40 PM
1724:12:5836Toxic Megacolon [University of Michigan ]OXAnn Arbor, MI01:30 PM01:42 PM
1824:24:3634Pangea 2.0OMWexford, PA01:30 PM01:54 PM
1924:24:58244Running ONCUE [Verizon]CMSanta Cruz, CA02:00 PM02:24 PM
2024:33:13210Mile High ClubOXSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM01:33 PM
2124:34:58174Blue Mammals GroupMMSan Jose, CA01:30 PM02:04 PM
2224:40:4110Lady Trees [Stanford Running Club]OWStanford, CA02:00 PM02:40 PM
2324:42:35170Arrogant BastardsOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM01:42 PM
2424:45:06110Silicon Valley Dreamers [3030 Bridgeway]CMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM01:15 PM
2524:50:3138SuperfeetSMTarzana, CA12:30 PM01:20 PM
2624:52:39139Yes We Van [Pacific Biosciences]CMMenlo Park, CA12:00 PM12:52 PM
2725:01:06215Rodeo Clowns [US Coast Guard]PMSanta Rosa, CA02:00 PM03:01 PM
2825:07:38120Are You Aaaware? [Medtronic Inc.]CMSanta Rosa, CA11:30 AM12:37 PM
2925:11:26245We'll Do It Live [Carbon Lighthouse]OMSan Francisco, CA01:30 PM02:41 PM
3025:15:51226No Pain No Gain [Piedmont Hills High School]OMSan Jose , CA02:00 PM03:15 PM
3125:17:34213Pies Borrachos FelicesOMSanta Clara, CA01:30 PM02:47 PM
3225:19:4632Renuwit - Water Drop It Like It's HotOMPalo Alto, CA01:30 PM02:49 PM
3325:36:05169ExcelsiorOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM02:36 PM
3425:52:21249Cahill AthleticsOMWalnut Creek, CA11:30 AM01:22 PM
3525:53:21187Haas 1 Haasta La Vista [Haas School of Business]OXBerkeley, CA12:00 PM01:53 PM
3625:53:29182Triage - King Louie Blue [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM12:53 PM
3725:55:5230Road SlugsOMLodi, CA01:00 PM02:55 PM
3826:01:1319Blue Lightning 19 [IBM Running Club]OMLarkspur, CA01:00 PM03:01 PM
3926:05:07190Moon Over My HammiesOMEl Cerrito, CA01:00 PM03:05 PM
4026:16:03101What The Fox SaidSMBurlingame, CA12:30 PM02:46 PM
4126:23:17183Triage - Little Awesome Orange [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM01:23 PM
4226:26:42142Flying HubcapsSMMenlo Park, CA12:30 PM02:56 PM
4326:28:28127DSE Killer B's Masters [DSE Runners]MMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM01:58 PM
4426:33:01257Moon Over My Hammies 2OMsan francisco, CA01:00 PM03:33 PM
4526:33:22105Fringe With Benefits [Vinerunners Running Group]OXNapa, CA01:00 PM03:33 PM
4626:34:4921Guns Up!MMWestern Springs, IL11:00 AM01:34 PM
4726:41:2313512 MonkeysOMSan Francisco, CA01:00 PM03:41 PM
4826:42:06199BurnOMSan Jose, CA12:30 PM03:12 PM
4926:45:41146AnimalsOXSanta Rosa, CA11:30 AM02:15 PM
5026:47:5827Mojo UnitedMMChicago, IL12:30 PM03:17 PM
5126:56:557NadsOMAptos, CA11:00 AM01:56 PM
5227:02:49152CameltoesOXOakland, CA12:00 PM03:02 PM
5327:03:43188Haas 2 Haastile Takover [Haas School of Business]OMBerkeley, CA12:00 PM03:03 PM
5427:05:55228Gettin' Schooled [Coursera]CXMountain View, CA10:00 AM01:05 PM
5527:06:3937Triage - Hear Us Coming [Triage Consulting Group]CMAtlanta, GA11:00 AM02:06 PM
5627:09:14143Aromatic Blend [La Dolce Velo]OMSanta Clara , CA10:00 AM01:09 PM
5727:11:18163Tuesday Beer ChasersOXPleasanton, CA12:30 PM03:41 PM
5827:16:23202ILP Literally Running [ILP]OMLos Altos, CA09:30 AM12:46 PM
5927:17:3523640 Is The New 20SXSan Francisco, CA12:30 PM03:47 PM
6027:26:16195Pirates Of The Car-i-be-inOMOakland, CA12:30 PM03:56 PM
6127:26:37239Your Pace Or Mine?OMSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM01:56 PM
6227:28:52218Svrcrazy [South Valley Running Club]OMMorgan Hill, CA12:00 PM03:28 PM
6327:32:54112Dexy's Midnight Relay RunnersOMSan Jose, CA01:00 PM04:32 PM
6427:33:206Sponge Bob No ChanceOMSan Mateo, CA11:00 AM02:33 PM
6527:33:54113Moffett MilersOMSunnyvale, CA10:30 AM02:03 PM
6627:34:50259Cours ToujoursOMBerkeley, CA01:30 PM05:04 PM
6727:35:04184Triage - Pancho Punch [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:35 PM
6827:36:31137Netapp Team Red [NetApp]CMLos Altos, CA11:00 AM02:36 PM
6927:38:18157Never Stop Exploring Your Split ShortsOMAlameda, CA12:30 PM04:08 PM
7027:39:05128DSE Killer B's [Dolphin South End Runners]OMSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM03:09 PM
7127:41:14185Triage - Sir Isaac Lime [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:41 PM
7227:42:17214Lady Clowns [US Coast Guard]PXSanta Rosa, CA02:00 PM05:42 PM
7327:49:09121Shin SplintsOMSan Rafael, CA12:00 PM03:49 PM
7427:49:1433Bar To Reenlist [N CA Military Members and Vets ]OMSacramento , CA01:00 PM04:49 PM
7527:50:06165Hard Core Values [DuPont]OMPalo Alto, CA11:30 AM03:20 PM
7627:50:1116Kidney Garden Heroes [Google]OMMountain View, CA07:00 AM10:50 AM
7727:55:25181Triage - Alexander The Grape [Triage Consulting Group]CMSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:55 PM
7827:55:57154Clearslide [ClearSlide]CXSan Francisco, CA11:00 AM02:55 PM
7927:57:37246SPSPSOMRedwood City, CA09:30 AM01:27 PM
8027:59:24172Rock And Runners [Graniterock Company]OMSan Jose, CA10:30 AM02:29 PM
8128:14:25166Strangeloves [DuPont]OMPalo Alto, CA11:30 AM03:44 PM
8228:14:40117Short Shorts Drive Us Nuts 14SMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM04:14 PM
8328:14:46240Snow Leopard BloodierOMPalo Alto, CA09:30 AM01:44 PM
8428:15:32161Civil Unrest [MacKay & Somps]CMSunol, CA09:30 AM01:45 PM
8528:15:55150Heart And SolesOMBelmont, CA07:30 AM11:45 AM
8628:18:1228E UnitOMIrvine, CA10:30 AM02:48 PM
8728:22:52104Catie & Annie's Cops 3OMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM01:52 PM
8828:26:26234Armed And Dangerous [A Runner's Mind]OXBurlingame, CA11:30 AM03:56 PM
8928:31:45159Runners AnonymousOMSunnyvale, CA12:00 PM04:31 PM
9028:34:50198Ticklish [FiveStars]CXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM03:04 PM
9128:39:5229BarbariansOMRedondo Beach, CA08:30 AM01:09 PM
9228:42:10145Focker's WalkersOMSaratoga, CA08:00 AM12:42 PM
9328:43:15126Appirio Blue [Appirio]OMFairport, NY11:30 AM04:13 PM
9428:44:1026Impacting SolesMMKent, WA10:30 AM03:14 PM
9528:44:18200Know Us By The Trail Of Drugs [ISPE]OMSacramento, CA10:30 AM03:14 PM
9628:44:22175Organ Trail RunnersSMSan Jose, CA12:00 PM04:44 PM
9728:47:27219Go Team Tablo [HD Plus]OXSan Ramon, CA12:00 PM04:47 PM
9828:50:14171Duct Tape & Wd40 [SCFF Foundation]PMSanta Clara, CA10:00 AM02:50 PM
9928:54:58144Synopsys [Synopsys Inc.]CMMountain View, CA12:00 PM04:54 PM
10028:55:4323024 SolesOXRedwood City, CA10:30 AM03:25 PM
10128:57:27167Genencor 3 [DuPont Industrial Biosciences]CMSunnyvale, CA11:30 AM04:27 PM
10228:57:51107Weapons Of Ass Destruction 7OMFremont, CA09:00 AM01:57 PM
10328:58:20129Netapp Team White [NetApp]CMSunnyvale, CA11:00 AM03:58 PM
10428:59:49242FearSmart [Audience Inc]OMSunnyvale, CA10:00 AM02:59 PM
10529:00:14100Cool RunningOXOrinda, CA10:00 AM03:00 PM
10629:03:23108Running Noses [Stanford Otolaryngology]OMPalo Alto, CA08:30 AM01:33 PM
10729:04:43255Rabid BunnaysSXSan Francisco, CA11:30 AM04:34 PM
10829:06:41155Bloomreach [BloomReach]OMSan Jose, CA10:00 AM03:06 PM
10929:08:424Are We There Yet?OMSan Carlos, CA10:00 AM03:08 PM
11029:09:22125Gang Green [EPA]CMFairfield, CA10:00 AM03:09 PM
11129:13:10196Wandering ShoelacesOXScotts Valley, CA12:00 PM05:13 PM
11229:15:27212SigfigOMSan Francisco, CA12:00 PM05:15 PM
11329:19:1414124 Sore FeetOMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM02:19 PM
11429:22:14232Slalom Consulting - Hashtag [Slalom Consulting]CXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM02:52 PM
11529:26:30233Slalom Consulting - Slalomazing [Slalom]CXSunnyvale, CA09:30 AM02:56 PM
11629:26:34231Slalom Consulting - Boom [Slalom]CXNovato, CA09:30 AM02:56 PM
11729:29:00123Netapp Team Blue [NetApp]CMSunnyvale, CA11:00 AM04:29 PM
11829:31:55216Run Force 2: Run HarderOMSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:01 PM
11929:33:21134Thunder Chickens [Fresh Ideas]OMLos Gatos, CA09:00 AM02:33 PM
12029:35:07253MisfitsOXScotts Valley, CA10:00 AM03:35 PM
12129:35:34235Netflix 2 [Netflix, Inc]CMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM02:05 PM
12229:36:22115Weapons Of Ass Destruction 8OMSan Jose, CA09:00 AM02:36 PM
12329:37:19237Lost In Pace [Pace Harmon]OMSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM01:37 PM
12429:38:41132Ultra Sounders [Siemens Medical]CXMountain View, CA11:30 AM05:08 PM
12529:39:48250Berkeley Bears [Berkeley, UC]OMBerkel, CA09:00 AM02:39 PM
12629:45:373Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma'amOMFremont, CA08:30 AM02:15 PM
12729:48:06162Orrick 2 [Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe]OXSan Francisco, CA10:30 AM04:18 PM
12829:51:16179Catie & Annie's Cops 1OMFairfield, CA07:30 AM01:21 PM
12929:54:56138Twerkin' For The WeekendOXSan Francisco, CA09:30 AM03:24 PM
13030:00:55189Believe The Hype [Hyperion Therapeutics]OXAptos, CA08:00 AM02:00 PM
13130:01:28149Pho King CrackersOMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM02:01 PM
13230:05:13160Orrick 1 [Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe]OMLos Altos, CA10:30 AM04:35 PM
13330:05:13225Did Someone Say Free Food? [Genentech]OMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM01:35 PM
13430:11:06192Corusline [CardioDx]OMOakland, CA10:30 AM04:41 PM
13530:11:24243WickedOXMorgan Hill, CA09:00 AM03:11 PM
13630:12:47178Yaktrek [Thermo Fisher Scientific]CMSunnyvale, CA11:00 AM05:12 PM
13730:15:148Yo...taxiOMSanta Clara, CA10:00 AM04:15 PM
13830:25:5139That's What She Said 2014OMSacramento, CA08:00 AM02:25 PM
13930:25:58130TorosOWSoquel, CA09:00 AM03:25 PM
14030:30:43156Self Torturing Dumbasses (team Std)OXNewark, CA08:30 AM03:00 PM
14130:33:21254AthletaOXEl Cerrito, CA08:30 AM03:03 PM
14230:33:47252Try Not, Do Or Do NotSMNovato, CA07:00 AM01:33 PM
14330:36:52208I Only Signed Up To Drive....wthOXLivermore, CA09:00 AM03:36 PM
14430:48:07205ILP Red Chilles [ILP]OMSunnyvale, CA08:30 AM03:18 PM
14530:59:13131Catch Us [Cognizant ]CMSunnyvale, CA08:00 AM02:59 PM
14631:00:0123W(h)ined Out & Going CoastalSXSacramento, CA08:30 AM03:30 PM
14731:04:06201ILP Chai Latte [ILP]OMCupertino, CA08:30 AM03:34 PM
14831:06:10197Flour ChildrenOXSoquel, CA07:30 AM02:36 PM
14931:09:37207ILP We Thought It Was 20 MilesOMLos Altos, CA09:30 AM04:39 PM
15031:14:26241Sloan Rangers [Stanford GSB]OMStanford, CA07:30 AM02:44 PM
15131:16:23122Despicable TeamOMFullerton, CA10:00 AM05:16 PM
15231:16:28211Los Pollos HermanosOMAtherton, CA09:30 AM04:46 PM
15331:17:34168Tater Trots [Best Tile]OXSan Francisco, CA10:00 AM05:17 PM
15431:19:1535Woodland PD [Woodland Police Department]PMWoodland , CA08:00 AM03:19 PM
15531:20:19222Wg TortoisesSXSan Jose, CA09:00 AM04:20 PM
15631:24:17209What Happens In The Van Stays In The VanOXLivermore, CA09:00 AM04:24 PM
15731:26:46111Heros & ZerosOMLos Altos, CA09:30 AM04:56 PM
15831:27:45204ILP Reading Writing Running (3Rs) [ILP]OMSan Jose, CA08:30 AM03:57 PM
15931:27:51173Crouching Runner, Hidden VanOXSan Francisco, CA08:00 AM03:27 PM
16031:29:21191NuvationOMSunnyvale, CA08:30 AM03:59 PM
16131:30:34116Silence Of The Vans [English]OMSan Francisco, CA08:30 AM04:00 PM
16231:32:5714Team Donate Life 2 [Team Donate Life]OXFolsom, CA08:30 AM04:02 PM
16331:36:3822Beers To YouOXRocklin, CA07:30 AM03:06 PM
16431:39:0920Like A Virgin, Part Three-someOXReno, NV08:00 AM03:39 PM
16531:49:16180Catie & Annie's Cops 2OMFairfield, CA07:30 AM03:19 PM
16631:50:46238Scrambled LegsOXCupertino, CA08:00 AM03:50 PM
16731:54:25151Tch Adrenaline [Two Cents of Hope]OMSan Mateo , CA08:00 AM03:54 PM
16831:59:54217VarianOMLos Altos, CA09:00 AM04:59 PM
16932:03:45248Rebel Runners With A CauseOXSanta Rosa, CA09:00 AM05:03 PM
17032:07:0522910x On 12 Machines [Cadence]OMSan Francisco, CA09:00 AM05:07 PM
17132:08:28109Star One [Star One Credit Union]OXSunnyvale, CA09:00 AM05:08 PM
17232:15:32203ILP No Mis Run [ILP]OMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM03:15 PM
17332:20:02223Pathetic PeripatheticsOMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM03:50 PM
17432:24:141565 Roses For Aimee [Second Chances Foundation]OMLos Angeles, CA07:00 AM03:24 PM
17532:41:33258How I Met Your RunnerOMRedwood City, CA07:00 AM03:41 PM
17632:46:59186Just RunSXMountain House, CA08:00 AM04:46 PM
17732:50:329Team Donate Life 1 [Team Donate Life]OXFolsom, CA07:30 AM04:20 PM
17833:09:43118We Got Your Back [Back to Health Chiropractic]OXDanville, CA08:30 AM05:39 PM
17933:10:31114Fatboys Running Club [Hands on Chiropractic]OMMilpitas, CA07:00 AM04:10 PM
18033:11:42193Montclaire MisfitsSWLos Altos, CA07:30 AM04:41 PM
18133:18:17220Slow As MolassesOMSan Jose, CA08:00 AM05:18 PM
18233:47:05206ILP Samosas And Chai [India Literacy Project]OMFremont, CA07:00 AM04:47 PM
18333:49:0524Comin In HotOWFall City, WA07:30 AM05:19 PM
18434:05:39247Real Fitnuts [Real Fitness]OXLivermore, CA08:00 AM06:05 PM
18534:10:32227Gainspeed [Gainspeed]CMSan Jose, CA07:00 AM05:10 PM
18634:12:27221Thirdfront [Two Cents of Hope]OMSan Jose, CA07:30 AM05:42 PM
18734:12:4631Tc 12 Get It DoneSXModesto, CA07:30 AM05:42 PM
18834:13:58164Who Let The Moms Out...again?OWLos Altos, CA07:30 AM05:43 PM
18934:53:54119Incredibles [Cisco]CMSan Ramon, CA07:00 AM05:53 PM
19035:13:07140Tch Run4fun [Two Cents of Hope]OMSan Francisco, CA07:00 AM06:13 PM