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Review CAPTAIN, RUNNER or VOLUNTEER instructions and then REGISTER.

March 1: deadline for new team entries (without late fees).
March 8: deadline for runner registration (paces needed to calculate start times).
April 14: Racebooks (with forms, maps, rules) will be available on the Captain's Page.
April 15: deadline for volunteer registration.

1. Register your team (requires team name) before March 1. Read Overview if a new captain. Returning captains must register as New Users. Captains may not enter more than one team.
2. Mail one nonrefundable $960 check ($1080 after March 1) with team name payable to The Relay postmarked by March 1.
3. After check processing, your team name will appear at Registered Teams. Confirmations will not be sent.
4. Instruct (up to 11) runners (by March 8) and (2) volunteers (by April 15) to select your team name when registering. If every runner on a team lives more than 50 miles from any part of the course, the volunteer requirement is waived. Since a waiver is involved, captains that enter their runners or volunteers assume personal liability for each person entered.
5. As a Returning User, captains may view runners and offline fundraising, change divisions and delete runners or volunteers (for substitutions). Send $25 to change a team name or $100 to change a start time.
6. By April 15, two volunteers, age 16 or older, must register for a 4-5 hour shift. Volunteers may select their assignments when they register. When filled, an assignment will disappear from the list. Teams will be disqualified if their volunteers fail to show.
7. The $600/team ($50/runner) mandatory fundraising for ORU is easily accomplished by creating a fundraising page to tell your team story and/or asking your employer to match your entry fee with a tax-deductible donation.
1. To join the correct team, confirm your team's entry at Registered Teams.
2. Before March 8, select the exact team name when registering as a New User.
VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTIONS. Thanks for volunteering!
1. Volunteers, age 16 or older, must register as New Users for a 4-5 hour shift. Teams will be disqualified if their volunteers fail to show.
2. Before registering, view Volunteer Entry Information to choose a location and shift.
3. To affiliate with the correct team, confirm entry of your team at Registered Teams and select the exact team name when registering. Select "unaffiliated" if volunteering without a team.
4. As a Returning User, volunteers may change a shift based on availability.
5. When a captain deletes a volunteer to be replaced, the shift becomes available to the public so the replacement volunteer must register immediately if he/she desires the same shift.
6. Assignments are made as volunteers register. When filled, a shift will disappear from the list. After registering, confirm your Volunteer Assignment.