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Sleepwalkers ready at Start
Our first leg, Mark is tired!
Capt. Pat crosses GGB
Give me that trophy!



Sleepwalking Cures Couch Potatoes
by Vanessa Coker, team Gofer, serving Organs 'R' Us ("ORU"), April 2006,

Thanks to Patsy, Aunt Patsy, Mom and Mrs. B (she's a clone) for organizing this event. I'm really glad I participated in such a worthy cause, supporting Katalina and Gilda, and will wait patiently for my medal. Hey, maybe we can have a ceremony for the medal presentations. I'm a little sleep deprived this morning and only sore when I walk. I can't believe we walked 128 miles to save lives. I wish I could say I had a good time, but I won't. I had a great time! It was really nice to spend quality time with the family contingent from the east bay. Special thanks to Mark for providing the entertainment. After mile 125, he was no longer funny!
Lose the binder Bev

Ditto for me. I had a great time this weekend, but I'm hurting today.
Ipod Jessica

Dear All,
I cannot believe how rewarding this weekend was and how much I appreciated participating! I could never have predicted what those thirty six hours would mean to me, but I had one of the best times of my life. There were hard times and I thought my body would literally fall apart at the end. Thank you Uncle Mark for almost making me pee my pants on that last leg. I cannot wait to do it all over again next year! Thank you, mom, for organizing such a great event. Thank you Mark, Jane, Bev, Jessica, Patrick, Aunt Cindy and Lisa for making such a physically exhausting event so much fun. Thanks again everyone and here's to next year (you know you are going to do it again!). The following are memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

The first leg at the Cheesecake Factory - no wait a minute. That would be the Marin French Cheese Company! (I guess that's why Yahoo didn't have a listing for directions to the Marin branch of the Cheesecake Factory - BECAUSE THERE ISN"T ONE!)

Sitting with Uncle Mark in camping chairs with umbrellas at the end of leg 13. Mark, your impersonation of Raaj is dead on - just remember not to do it when he is standing right there.

Trying on the rain suits and watching the sweat accumulate on the inside of the gear - BEFORE we started walking. Note: Raaj doesn't believe in rain suits.

Walking through the redwoods with my cousin Lisa and having quality (11-mile) bonding time.

Getting lost in Sausalito after dropping Jane and Aunt Cindy for their leg (note: NEVER buy used walking shoes from Goodwill. You will end up with a blister the size of Massachusetts on your heel. Although now that I am thinking of it, that might have been a ploy!)

MY FAVORITE: Walking with my Mom from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Zoo ("I think it's that building at the next stop light. No wait, maybe it's the next stop light, or the next!") Thanks Mom, next time we will skip the Legion of Honor turnoff! I love you.

Uncle Mark cruising by in his van every five minutes saying "Just hop in, we have so far to go! Come on, no one will know!"

Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy getting in a fight in the parking lot at Ocean Beach. Aunt Cindy saying the "F" word about a million times (somehow it is so charming when she says it) and stopping at Nations for some Miracle Whip burgers.

Skipping the warm beds at my house and instead opting for the back of Uncle Mark's work van and Michelle's Envoy for some quality shut eye (my fault) in the Chevron Parking Lot. You haven't experienced life completely until you have Aunt Cindy snoring at 100 decibels and Lisa yelling "Stop breathing on me!" Aunt Cindy, you are such a trooper. Thanks for holding out as long as you did. Thanks to Lisa for traveling all that way with a baby and never once complaining. Note: Raaj doesn't believe in complaining.

Aunt Cindy and Lisa's "getaway" hampered by a dead battery. Thanks to Bev and AAA for getting them on the road in no time. Don't mind those two Mexican guys sitting in their van across the street at 2 am. They look like nice guys.

Learning to text message like a madwoman during down time!

Being the first team to use the porta-potty's almost every time! Blue water never looked so good.

Mark and Jane taking that 2:30 am leg through the homeless encampment under the freeway overpass (just kidding - but might as well have been).

Raaj wearing that reflector vest that made him look like a cartoon sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Mom and Jess discovering that Starbucks is open at 5:00 am! Note: Raaj doesn't believe in caffeine.

Mark and Jane discovering that Albertsons isn't open until 6:00 am. "Isn't Albertsons open 24 hours?" Note for 2007: remember to buy water. Hmmmmm, interesting concept - water.

Smoking Raaj on the hills of Highway 9 going through Santa Cruz, yeah baby. Eat my dust little man. There ain't enough Gu on the planet to help you catch up with me!

Cheering Mom and Uncle Mark through the mountains on their 24 mile leg. Oh wait, that would be 4.7 miles.

Eating at Fosters Freeze in Ben Lomond. I never knew that a root beer float could taste so good. No Jessica, you have to order OUTSIDE. Just because everyone else ordered inside doesn't mean you can get away with it too. Get your french fry wantin' ass to the order window outside!

Wasting 45 minutes at the last exchange because Raaj went to "find the bathroom." Thank you Uncle Mark and Jessica for doing the ENTIRE last leg and making it the funniest leg of The Relay.

PRICELESS: Watching Raaj accept an award for being the first walking team to cross the finish line. I cannot believe how that guy walked the whole way without any support or sleep! I am friggin' amazed. Someone should nominate him for President or Attorney General. I will always be in awe of his spirit and endurance. What a guy.

My beautiful sister Jennifer waiting at the finish line for us and being our loudest fan! Thanks for coming out and helping make the end so sweet.

Taking a picture on the beach with my team mates at the finish line and thinking about how much they mean to me and how I cannot wait for The Relay Walk next year. Thank you guys, I love you all.