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Obey the rules or be terminated
Wear bib (team number) in front.
Tape sign to rear of vehicle.
Stay away from Baton Exchange Area.


Follow rules to enhance safety and avoid penalties or disqualification. There are no road closures, traffic control or aid stations. To qualify as winners, teams must follow all rules. Noncompetitive teams must follow rules 1-15.

1. Obey the California Vehicle Code:
a. Cross roads only in crosswalks or at intersections.
b. Stop at red lights.
c. Do not walk in a bicycle lane when a sidewalk is adjacent.
2. STAY OFF THE ROAD and away from Baton Exchange Areas. Only one person per team is allowed out of the van to assist a walker.
3. Walk on the RIGHT side of the road with traffic except Leg 18.
4. Obey volunteers and respect private properties. Dispose of waste. Be quiet at night.
5. Wear team number (bib) in front and baton (wristband). From sunset to sunrise, wear a reflective vest, a rear blinking light and carry a lighted flashlight. Reflective vests are recommended during daylight to increase visibility, especially on blind curves.
6. Vehicles may not trail walkers, but must follow traffic laws and drive ahead to ready the next walker. Santa Cruz County is "no van support." Do not force walkers onto the road by obstructing the shoulder. Receiving a citation will result in disqualification.
7. Provide two vehicles (max 6.5 x 19 feet) displaying team number (provided at Start) on front and rear window and a rear sign, "CAUTION-WALKER ON ROAD" (minimum 17 x 22 inches, $5 at the Start). No buses, extra vehicles, limousines or motor homes.
8. Resting Vans may not travel along the course or park in Exchanges (see Resting Van Routes). Only Active Vans may park in Exchanges. Active and Resting Vans may park in Van Exchanges (18, 24, 30).
9. Vehicles may NOT stop within 500 feet BEFORE Exchanges. Park beyond Exchanges before exiting vans.
10. If a turn is missed, the walker must return to the missed turn and continue.
11. To report a rule violation, submit an Incident Report (available at Finish) to a Relay official within 30 minutes of crossing the finish. The reporting team must notify the accused team before submitting to resolve misunderstandings.
12. Alcohol, bicycles, children, headphones, nudity and pets are prohibited.
13. Submit Team Time Record to the Medals Booth at the finish to receive medals.
14. Two volunteers must sign in, each fulfill a 5 hour shift and sign out.
15. Walkers must submit accurate pace times and teams must not finish more than two hours ahead of their estimates.
16. Walkers must maintain the order submitted at the Start on the Roster/Waiver.
17. Submasters/masters teams must submit a copy of each walker's driver license at the Start.
18. If a walker is injured or ill, the next walker (of the same gender) in rotation must substitute. The injured walker may not walk again requiring one or more walkers to walk extra legs. The original order must be maintained. Women must walk a minimum of eleven legs or a mixed team will be reclassified.
19. A walker may not drop out to substitute a faster walker. If a walker is unable to finish a leg, the next walker in rotation must take the baton at the point of injury and hand-off in the next Baton Exchange Area. A walker may not complete one leg and walk the next leg. Only one substitution per leg is allowed.
20. A walker must walk (not run) as defined by USA Track & Field Rules of Race Walking.